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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Booking Through Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

     Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted at Booking Through Thursday. First off, Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you guys have a fantabulous one and enjoy your meal! :)

This Week's Question:
It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so … what are you thankful for this year, reading-wise? New, favorite books? New gadget for reading? New comfy chair? Bonus time to read? Just the mere fact of BEING a reader? Having the internet to share ideas/recommendations/conversations about books?

     I generally don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but it never hurts to be a part of the fun. *gobble gobble gobble* I just started blogging earlier this month but I'm thankful that those in the Wizard101/Pirate101 Twitter community are tolerating my constant yapping about books. Because even though I (and I'll admit this; 100% honest) prefer blogging about books over Wizard101, I'm glad to be a part of an amazing community. Not that I talk about books 24/7 but still... when I do, at least no tomatoes are thrown at me and I really appreciate that. :) I'm definitely thankful Wizard101 actually exists, because without that and their bobbleheads, I don't know how boring my blog title will be. (and I'm honest about this too: my blog name was inspired by a gaming bobblehead. But that's another entire story to tell.)
     I'm thankful for my computer (and of course the Internet-of-awesomous-even-if-it's-a-stubborn-mule-sometimes-and-goes-berserk) because I have the free pass to multi-task when I can. :) And most of the time, it's reading and doing something else. Minus the music of course. But it gives me something to do when I'm ever-so-very-bored online, even though I don't have a lot of bonus time to read like I used to in the past (those were really good times. Now I just need a time machine to go back there again. But hey, I might get more reading time in the future. I'll never know until I get there. No time portal needed).
     Finally, but not least, I'm thankful for... everything that I can't name of (minus my father. Sorry dude... you don't really deserve it that much... besides being my father and turning me into a shy ball - which I'm kinda grateful but not exactly grateful for. At least I keep quiet and carry on. As for the main reason, I'll give you my gratitude of not throwing anymore hatred at you that many people in my life have already thrown at you. You're welcome). For everyone else: I'm glad everyone of you is a part of my life, because I wouldn't be a part of an amazing community (make that 2! :)) and not be where I am today without your support, tolerance (yep.), and guidance. Thank you! (now I'm curious as to where "Thank You" came from, lol) :)

Mr Gobble gives his thanks if you
don't hunt him today. ;)
     With that being said, I'm thankful for an amazing 2012 and hope there will be many years just as amazing to come. :) Hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for? :)

~Happy Thanksgiving!


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