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Monday, January 14, 2013

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Blog Tour: The Circle of Tivedon - Excerpt

Tour Sign-Ups: The Circle of Tivedon by Ryan Shorten
Author Ryan Shorten has stopped by today with an excerpt from his novel, The Circle of Tivedon!
   Shooting stars began to cloud his vision and the edges grew dark. As the blackness grew, Jayl’s last thought was of his mother. Suddenly, the excruciating pain lessened. For a moment Jayl thought he was finally dead, but then he noticed he could still see the burning eyes. Somehow, for some unknown reason, the beast was loosening its grasp. Its thunderous laughter continued as the thick claws released their hold. He floated momentarily before beginning to fall. With his last vestige of strength, he braced for the impact. But his tension soon changed to confusion as the sensation of falling continued long past the few feet he’d expected before the hard ground would rise up to meet him. As if through a long dark tunnel, Jayl plummeted, watching the cold dead valley retreat above him until it was just a tiny pinprick of light. “Rimyaroth,” his mind screamed, and then the blackness swallowed him completely.

Title: The Circle of Tivedon
Author: Ryan Shorten
Publisher: Self Published
Blurb (from Goodreads): Attending Tivedon should have been the most exciting time in Jayl’s young life. Along with his sister Myah, they journey to Tivedon and are quickly caught up in the excitement and eccentricities of the school and its teaching elders known collectively as ‘The Circle of Tivedon’. Enemies and alliances are swiftly established between the other students that come from across the realm of Tiertyn. Yet, as they begin the next level of their scholastic study in the finer points of diplomacy and governance, grim tidings reach the castle walls.

An ancient evil is on the rise threatening to plunge the land into darkness once again. Tensions begin to rise within the walls of Tivedon as unexplainable, dreadful events occur forcing the ‘Circle of Tivedon’ to act. The situation worsens as accusations of a traitorous plot involving friends of Jayl and Myah’s from back home and a fellow student’s sovereign land arrive at Tivedon. This development ensnares Myah in a conspiratorial and secretive undertaking at the behest of ‘The Circle of Tivedon’. Jayl, who discovers a temperamental magical source within himself, becomes the unwitting focal point of Tivedon’s elders’ plans to defend Tiertyn against the army of the resurrected evil Lord Rimyaroth.

Unfortunately, before plans are complete, the suspicious death of one of Tivedon’s elders followed by the murder of the befriended Captain of the Guard lands an unjustly accused Jayl into Tivedon’s cells. It is here that Jayl learns of a long ago hidden talisman which will aid in their fight, which he must find and return. A hasty and harrowing escape from the school, which has fallen under the sway of the enemy, follows under the cover of darkness. With foes now swelling on all fronts, the elders must split the students into three groups to have any hope of stemming the tide that threatens them. Myah, along with one of the two remaining Tivedon elders, make their way to the city of Sieli. Their hope is to vindicate her captured and accused friends as well as turn the favour of an opportunistic King to their cause. The second group, led by the other Tivedon elder, races to join defenders that are hastily forming the first line of defence against the massing army of Lord Rimyaroth.

Lastly, and much to Jayl’s chagrin, he is paired with two menacing and determined school rivals on his quest to find the talisman. A perilous mission, it remains the last vestige of hope to battle against the dark magic of Lord Rimyaroth. With the unlikely heroes and heroines heading in separate directions, three diverse journeys begin.

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