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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Blog Tour: The Homeschoolers - Excerpt

Welcome to Bookwyrming Thoughts stop on The Homeschoolers: The Ballad of Squirtina Blog Tour!

Title: The Homeschoolers - The Ballad of Squirtina
Author: Henry Circle
"Life is too big to squeeze into a weekend." That's what "half-heathen" public school misfit, Christina Begoni, learns after a bout of Spanish class diarrhea has her escaping into the arms of a holy-rolling homeschool group. With her mustachioed, evil genius brother and cute redneck bully in tow, Christina joins innocent homeschoolers, Sunny and David on a hilarious and often gripping adventure on the Mississippi River. Experience the thrill and romance of the never-ending weekend with The Homeschoolers.

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     I roll back under my toasty warm comforter and consider taking a brief stroll through dreamland, but then it hits me that I only have thirty minutes to make myself presentable to David, the divine. I down a paper cup of tap water in the bathroom just to break the disgusting mucus seal in my mouth. And zoom through my already minimal grooming ritual. I cut out ten minutes of usual primp time by skipping the part where I try to de-frizz my hair with various serums, put in too much so that I look greasy-headed, and end up having to pull my hair back into a ponytail anyway. I go straight for the inevitable ponytail today to save myself the frustration. I smack Kip on the butt with my paddle brush. “Get up, Kip. Right now. Sunny and David are on their way.”
     “No can do,” Kip mumbles into his pillow. So I pop him a few more times with my hair brush. After six more licks across the backside, Kip relents. “Fine. I’m getting up just so I can press assault charges against you and your hairbrush.”

Author Bio:
Henry Circle is a Mississippi native, a freelance writer, and a sometime hermit. She attended homeschool for one glorious year.

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