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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Possible MAJOR Changes

     Due to my internet being a meany and then crashing, I'm unable to do much “immediate” posting. But, possible major changes to the blog coming your way if the connection is unable to get its self back together. Unlike my account, it's a problem I can't solve and have to just let fate play out on it's own.
      So, what type of changes? A handful. General Blog Changes I'll be addressing in this post:
  • Review Policy/Review Requests
  • Posts/Reviews
  • Temporary Co-blogger (maybe)
Review Policy Changes
      I'm addressing Review Policy changes first since it's pretty much the most important. I think. There's not much change here, besides a few adjustments here and there. But here are the changes (in case I can't update the Review Policy until next time I go to the library):
  • If you're the type that prefers consulting over social networking or Goodreads, please email review requests. It's the fastest way, and will definitely get a faster reply than a Goodreads message or a tweet. Tweets may get buried, and there are no guarantees I can even get on Goodreads. It may, however, take a while for me to reply back. Many apologies for keeping you waiting.
  • If I accept your request, please do not gift it to me on Amazon. I will not be able to download the file onto my Kindle App and then be able to check to see if it made it. (I can download it, but this is a public computer and I don't want to get in trouble). Smashwords or sending me a file will be easier because I'll have my flash drive that I can download it to and I can still read it at home. Review formats will not be changing (Mobi preferred, PDF or ePub will do).
  • This also refers to Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, etc. Currently I'm able to check emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evenings. This is subject to change often, depending on my mom's schedule (she has to drive me after all).
  • I am still unable to receive physical copies or audiobook copies.
      The least changes that will be made on the blog.
  • Reviews may take a while to be up. I'll try my very best to have one every week. But if not, hopefully every 2 weeks instead. I'll still be reading offline because my Kindle App has plenty of books. It'll keep me company for quite a while. Drafts are posted on an Open Office document and then copied to Blogger the next time I'm able to go to the library or community college (unless it's a set format already. Usually applies to blog tours and cover reveals).
  • Memes: Teaser Tuesdays won't be affected at all. Waiting on Wednesdays and The Sunday Post won't be affected much, besides posting links. I'll be grateful if anyone is kind enough to put the link for me, even if I don't know who it will be. Do check first though... I may have beat you to it; if I'm lucky to be at the library. Booking Through Thursdays will be affected a bit. You may be seeing BTT posts in the evening instead of early morning like I usually do.
  • Posts are synced to automatically tweet on Facebook and Twitter when posted by NetworkedBlogs and Twitterfeed. If I was not tweeting that day, it's not me. It's my best friend. The Schedule & Sync Robot.
  • I may not be able to reply to your comments right away. Feel free to check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see if you got a reply to your comment. (Days are subject to change)
  • I also want to mention, the giveaway end date for Disconnect will end 1 day earlier, so there will be enough time for me to choose a winner, send an email and get a reply back.
Temporary Co-blogger (Maybe)
     The major changes. It's most effective if it happens. Currently I'm not looking for one, and will be giving more details on that later. But if I can handle it flying solo (which I can, for now), no worries. The only thing I can mention as of now is that it will be a pretty big responsibility to handle (it's actually big). The temporary might also not be temporary. Though if it is temporary, it'll just be a guest reviewer instead.

     In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me even with all the problems and if you managed to get to the bottom of what I think may be a really long post (originally 2-3 pages on Open Office but now revised and shorter), props to you for taking the time to read it. Thanks for doing so. It's much appreciated. (Booking Through Thursday is canceled for today)

~Happy Thursday!

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