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Saturday, February 23, 2013



     Founded in late 2012 by published author Ashley Ruggirello, REUTS Publications entered the world of publishing with an industry-changing bang. Backed by an enthusiastic team of author, readers, designers and editors, REUTS (creatively labeled a publishing "agency") gives back to the aspiring authors whose stories cross the publishing tables. with REUTS, authors are given a completely new relationship with their publisher– a friendship. The best collaboration happens when like minds, with like goals come together. That's what you get with REUTS.
     After the founding authors were left with a bitter taste in their mouth going the traditional publishing route, REUTS was birthed. From the beginning with querying, all the way through publication, REUTS offers new authors the very things missing from a more traditional experience: it incorporates the very things the founders always wanted from their contract.
     Now, what is a publishing "agency"? This refers to the design-heavy elements REUTS incorporates into the titles in their collection. Their website states: "We focus more on the production of a title, than the actual printing. The publishing industry is changing, and we’re adapting to that evolution. With Print-On-Demand services, books now have the same opportunities for recognition and distribution as they once only had with a traditional print run." But this is a temporary solution for the REUTS future. Founder Ashley reassures: "We aim for a traditional relationship with a printer in the near future, but we're a small company. We start small, but aim big, and with the enthusiasm and passion our team members have for this movement, there's no way we can fail!"
      REUTS has one big difference to set them a part from other publishing companies: each member of its staff works pro bono (or on a volunteer basis). To Ashley, this is evidence that people want a change in such a locked-tight industry. "When you have people passionate enough to offer up their talents to a new startup, a movement within such a prestigious industry, it shows me we're on the right track. People want to help others recognize their dreams, and make those dreams reality. In all honesty, I couldn't do REUTS without their help."
     How does this help aspiring authors? REUTS is geared towards those who have been discouraged with the querying process (either not hearing back, receiving rejections, or just plain ol' impersonal responses), as well as those considering self-publishing. See REUTS as the middle man: since they don't charge a penny signed as a REUTS author, you reap the benefits of professional-level publication tools, all the while receiving royalties well above the industry standards. As stated from their website: "We want the profits to go back to you, the authors– you put the long nights and hard work into the story, you deserve to reap the benefits."
      At the moment there are a couple titles in production with REUTS. Ashley urges avid readers to be on the lookout, late 2013 / early 2014 for the first title to be revealed and available for purchase.
What are you waiting for? Join the movement– Get REUTED in a good book!

     REUTS is currently having a giveaway on their Facebook page in which there would be 2 winners: 1 winner will receive a critique and another will receive a unique book design. You can enter their giveaway HERE.

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