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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Booking Through Thursday: What Else?

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted at Booking Through Thursday.
What’s your favorite hobby OTHER THAN reading?

     Ooo, I have a lot of answers for that! :3 Or so I think... but really, I don't have a lot. I'm pretty limited. :p
  • Graphic Designing - not really... only if it's necessary
  • Journaling - yep. No other comment about that
  • Chess - can't do it now... mother refuses to take me to tournaments. It's not that I'm bad at playing at it, because that's certainly not the case >_< I do play it on my computer...
  • Listening to Music - does that count as a hobby?
  • Browsing YouTube - I don't think it may count as a hobby... but I wouldn't know
  • Doodling - I didn't say drawing because if I did, then I'll be forced to draw perfect human eyes. And I certainly don't want to go through that again... I can only make it as straight as can be. :p
  • Gaming - yes, gaming. Though I'm picky about the games I play. Not family-friendly? *turns away* Oh, and I rarely do it. Only if I'm seriously bored...
  • Singing - er... *turns red and ducks*
  • Blogging - and all the things about it, including patrolling comments for spam.
     Anyhoo, that's pretty much it for me. Not much, but I think I'll survive. I probably also left some hobbies out as well... What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of curling up with books and reading away? Feel free to comment your thoughts below or leave a link to your BTT post! :)

~Happy Thursday!


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