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Monday, June 24, 2013


I'm Moving Over to Tumblr... Say What?!

     I really hope no one was having a mini panic attack over this. I'm not exactly moving to Tumblr. Nor is the blog. Let's just say I'm "cross-posting." Okay, and maybe also claiming the URL before anyone else does.

Am I going to start posting over there now?
     Sort of. Truth be told, the blog will be posted to before it'll even be posted on Tumblr. In fact... does Tumblr have a schedule thingy I can use to my advantage? I think I still need to get my bearings on there (despite the fact that I've been on there for quite awhile...).
Consider me lost on Tumblr
     In fact, while the blog may have the posts... Tumblr might not even get the post until who knows when. I'll probably forget to copy my posts over until about a whole year later (that was an exaggeration. Probably a month at the most. I somehow find my way back to Tumblr).

What about review requests?
     I am so not going to post my email on Tumblr for everyone to see. Apparently in my humble opinion, its probably the last place I'll find myself doing. Why? You find the weirdest things there... not taking my chances with spam mail. O_o

     In other words, Tumblr isn't exactly going to have the review policy or the sidebars, or anything really. Nor the pretty fonts. In short, it's basically simple and unfortunately, comment-less (darn...). Despite the layout. But hey, it's just another alternative option. :3

~Happy Monday!


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