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Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Review: Fracture the Spider's Web by Sarah Godfrey + Victoria DeRubeis

The Marionettes of Myth Saga #2
Authors: Sarah Godfrey, Victoria DeRubeis
Released Date: September 1, 2013
Publisher: Self Published

Even gods can be killed.

The sword of Ra had finally responded to Kali’s command—just in time for her to spear her sister, Solara, through the heart. Kali then bled out. Her life ended. When her eyes next opened, she was in an underground hospital, and she wasn’t in possession of her own body.

Toivo and Carmi can only wait under Ave and Elliot’s roof, desperate for news. All they know is that Solara’s body was recovered, but Kali’s is missing, and the funeral for their fathers is nearing. With their family broken and interspecies warfare brewing, the brothers will have to reconcile their grief and do what it takes to keep from losing Kali a second time. They won’t be alone, and they won’t be unchallenged.

But the real war has already begun. Toivo is struck with a mysterious illness, Yuuhi’s vampire parents are calling, and Jason must understand Ares’ motivations, or lose to them. In the end, each of them might just be at the mercy of the hand that holds Ra—or the hands that pull on the web of marionette strings.

Their decisions can stop the war, or ignite it.

Disclaimer: Review copy provided by authors for review

     I was mainly curious on how the second book would play out according to what happened in the ending of the first one. Very curious. As Tessa Gray of The Infernal Devices would say, Curiosity is my besetting sin. Would it go down the drain – which I hope it didn't – or would it play out smoothly?
     I'm happy to say it played out smoothly without a lot of bumps or confusion.
     I think I'm probably also allowed to say that my favorite character is possessed. *gives innocent look* Go blame the synopsis.
     But I have to say Amon is a pain. In the butt. I think Roh summarizes all of my thoughts and complaints in a few sentences:
“And to prove you are not a child throwing a tantrum,” he twisted to peer back at me with his electric yellow eyes, “you act like a child throwing a tantrum.”
     Yep. That about sums it up. But then a different character sums it up even shorter.
     If I put all of the freshmen and half of my fellow sophomore classmates (sorry guys... there are some that aren't so annoying) together in one room, Amon may have won the grand prize. He was literally that annoying (and really weird...), especially when he's taking the spotlight for a good fifth of the book.
     And definitely more annoying than Ares (no, not the god of War. This isn't Percy Jackson), who seemed to be a thousand times more interesting. In fact, he was nearly driving me insane *fidget*.
     But then a genie must have stopped by and spared me from wanting to shake a certain character and I could finally say good riddance.
     On the bright side of Mr. Annoying, it was easier to tell if it was Kali or if it was Amon, which I actually liked (still doesn't mean I like Amon).
     Well, away from me "complaining" about how annoying Amon is.
     The uncut version had an entire monologue of me doing that... but I decided to spare everyone. Add to the fact I might as well save it for drama class in the future. :p But I must say, Amon and Ares pushing each other's buttons is pretty entertaining. It's disappointing I couldn't find popcorn. :p
     I really like how Sarah Godfrey and Victoria DeRubeis named book. Symbolism! :D And here I thought it was a giant spider (gross) or maybe a giant web (better) and somehow everyone got tangled in it.
     I guess I wasn't that wrong either. :p
     But finally, in the sequel, we get a good glimpse into Yuuhi's life! *o*
     I was beginning to think he lived in a shell that was shaped like a pagoda (is there a shell shaped like that?).
     I'll also go ahead and admit Fracture the Spider's Web felt like the end, what with all the happy reunions and the like and then I probably had to worry about virtually waving good bye to a few characters after going through a mini book depression (not exactly happening, but I still like the majority of the characters...).

Random Question... there's really no female characters in The Hobbit? I must have been living in a rabbit hole. :O

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Owls

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