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Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Bookwyrming Thoughts Turns One! (Plus Giveaway)

     There is no manual on what to say in a blogoversary post. My thoughts at first?
     Well, that kind of stinks. I guess I'll have to tread through the waters and go from there in the hopes I don't fail miserably in the process (I probably will).
     Because if I start doing a "Thank you to [insert person] for..." type of post, there's a place for that already, and I'm not exactly planning to be a writer, despite the fact I write...

     And then dump it into a folder on my hard drive. Maybe I'll take them out for Creative Writing class one day if I take it.
     (Why, yes. I am preparing myself for Creative Writing class. >:p)
     So what do I do instead?
     Talk random stuff. And turn red in the process and sheepishly duck under a virtual table in embarrassment.
     Actually, no one would see that. Thankfully.
     This past year in blogging has been interesting. And definitely a lot of fun to gush over books with virtual people from around the world aside from a few friends who actually do read (NOT counting required reads). Yes, book club, I'm counting you guys as well.
I know... we're not exactly like this. :p
     Particularly to my anonymous friend mentioned in a few reviews in the past, who shall now have a name and it will be L. And no, it's not anything offensive, it's simply her nickname's initial and we tend to gush about books together more often than not (yes, we do need to have a long book talk one day). Latest book talk: Allegiant. We're not happy with what happens in the end. (You need a Twitter so I don't have to gush on Facebook. And maybe we'll have an extremely long book talk on a day to day basis, XD :p) Oh, and she knows full well she's the one that's mentioned...
     But I've also discovered a lot of other books I haven't been aware of in the past, and probably never would have in my life time. Nor would I have known freebies existed. :p In fact, I would probably be oblivious to the self published world and went on my merry way.
     Well, I take back the never. There may have been a chance in the near/far future when the world is digitally digital that I'll begin to come across a self published book. And I definitely wouldn't mind that all (so long as I don't come face to face with my pet peeve).
     Thanks so much for a great first year; it's been a lot of fun speaking with avid readers and bloggers about the most recent reads and other randomness. May there be more years to come! ^_^ And because I tend to mingle with a specific group of gamers on Twitter (and I pretty much started out there)... I figured the #Twizards should get a mention as well. Despite you guys being a bit annoying and argumentative (-_-) compared to bookworms, there are days that you guys make it better as well. :)
     Lastly, before I sign out and toss in a giveaway, any feedback on how I did on my first year? I'm pretty sure I went on a bumpy ride with a lot of times where I just want to facepalm myself because I do something embarrassing (I forgot those ratings for awhile in the early days, lol). But I would love it if you guys left your thoughts in the comments! ^_^
     Well. That didn't go so bad after all. I hope. *phew*

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