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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Review: Senshi by Cole Gibsen

Katana #2
Author: Cole Gibsen
Released Date: March 8, 2013
Publisher: Flux

Is Rileigh’s only hope for salvation to team up with her sworn enemy?

Rileigh Martin just wants to do normal teenage things, like go on romantic dates with Kim, her boyfriend and past life soul mate. Although that seems impossible when she’s the reincarnation of Senshi, a fifteenth century samurai warrior. After a ninja ambush leaves her unable to control her ki powers, Rileigh vows to get them under control before her friends lose more than their eyebrows. But when Kim leaves her for his past life betrothed and the other samurai stop talking to her, Rileigh realizes she doesn’t have any friends left to worry about.

As the ninja attacks increase, Rileigh learns that the reincarnated kunoichi, a powerful female ninja, wants to kill her in order to reclaim her destructive powers. Alone and with increasingly unstable powers, Rileigh’s only offer of help comes from Whitley, her sworn past life enemy. Rileigh knows she doesn’t stand a chance against the kunoichi by herself, but Whitley’s sudden allegiance might be hiding a much deadlier agenda.

     Well, I'll admit Katana felt like a stand alone – with the "oh, hey, they lived happily ever after! There's no more!" And I actually did think Katana was a stand alone.
     But then Goodreads spoiled everything. -_- I can't believe you would do that to me, Goodreads.
     Well, not exactly. I really wouldn't have known Katana had a sequel without Goodreads, but with the announcements every single day (Katana was a book club read in October) at school about preordering Senshi, I'm bound to know eventually.
     Or the county library would have said, "hey, there's a sequel!" right after I returned Katana in Ebooks Library Lend101. Go figure.
     Moving on.
     In Senshi, it's been a few months since the events left off in Katana. Going down memory lane in terms of nutshell spoilers, Rileigh's finally come to terms with her inner warrior self (go Rileigh!).
     I must say, despite the fact Katana felt like a stand alone, Senshi had some nice surprises waiting for me when reading, and it was almost as good as the first novel. Okay, I almost always love the first novel before the sequels because it's not the end where you have to wave good bye to characters.
     But I just love it when authors lead you down one road but then all of a sudden, they toss in a thing or two (or more) that throws the reader off balance. It makes everything less predictable. ^_^
     The characters are just as amazingly written as ever, particularly Quentin, who I must admit has already landed on my favorite characters from the series next to Rileigh (of course, Rileigh. It's not like I can read Quentin's mind from Rileigh's view, even though I would love to, but I'm just one little opinion out of... hundreds).
      Then there's Sumi and also Dr. Wendell. I hope I'm not the only when I say the interaction between Rileigh and Dr. Wendell is pretty classic in the way Rileigh pushes Dr. Wendell's buttons all the time. Sumi, on the other hand, is a nuisance and a pain in the butt.
      Unfortunately, she's likely back in the next book: Shinobi. Fantabulous. A great way to make a Tuesday better. Good thing it's not a Friday. I think I'll survive.
     My Two Cents of Randomness: Aliens didn't abduct Rileigh and change her up did they? I still find the cover really weird. O_o (But only the story matters in my humble opinion, so says the girl who can't even draw a pair of eyes that aren't lopsided.)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Owls

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