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Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Blog Tour: Crystal Fire - Excerpt + Giveaway

Title: Crystal Fire (The Hunted #2)
Author: Jordan Dane
Publication Date: November 26, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Because of what you are, the Believers will hunt you down.

A storm is brewing on the streets of LA, one that has intensified since a tragic and deadly confrontation claimed an innocent life.

While Gabriel Stewart trains his army of teen psychics to stop Alexander Reese--the obsessed leader of the Believers--the fanatical church becomes more bent on the annihilation of all Indigo and Crystal children. They're silencing the voices of the telepathic hive, one soul at a time, with frightening experiments cruelly executed on vulnerable minds.

When the Believers torture a mysterious homeless boy, Oliver Blue, they brainwash him into betraying his own. The boy becomes a deadly pawn to take Gabriel down. As the fires of chaos burn around him, Gabe is running out of time. He'll need to confront his past--and the man who made him--before the hope of peace for the future is silenced forever.
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Poor Oliver Blue gets snared by the sinister Dr Fiona, the lead scientist for the Believers. She has plans for Oliver that will send him on a collision course with Gabriel and the Indigos. Will he betray his own kind? Will he have a choice?

     “My name is Dr. Fiona. I’m in charge here.” She stepped close enough for him to feel her breath on his cheek. She stared at him as if he were a rash. “When I am done with you, dear boy, I will know you better than your own mother.”
     “That’s not saying much.” He smirked. “You look like someone who’d aim higher.”
     “That attitude won’t serve you here.”
     “Attitude is all I…got.”
     His words slurred as the drugs flooded his body and his world dulled to a somber gray.
     “That’s not true. You have no idea of your full potential. I have plans for you, Oliver Blue.”
     “You know my n-name.”
     His lips felt as if they weighed a ton. Every word, every thought became a challenge.
     “Your arrest record made it easy. It seems you have a temper and resort to your fists, but you’d be surprised what I know.” She backed off and looked down at a chart she held in her hands. “This girl, Caila Ferrie, what’s she to you?”
     “Nothing. We just met.” He didn’t flinch at his lie. He couldn’t. “She’s not a…circus act l-like me. You sh-should let her go.”
     “Just like that, on your word?” When the woman smiled, that chilling look demanded all his strength not to react to it. “She’s the reason you’re here. Not the other way around.”
     He struggled to make sense of what she said, but a growing numbness inched up from his toes toward his chest and arms and carried a chill.
     “It would appear that Caila has a way of endearing herself to everyone she meets. We have an interesting dossier on her. Quite a gift she has. Think about it, Oliver. Doesn’t it seem odd that you’re willing to sacrifice so much for someone you just met?”
     The woman cut open his T-shirt with scissors, but after she peeled back the fabric to expose his chest, she got quiet. Her eyes shifted down his body until they settled on his face and she leaned closer.
     “You should’ve been more careful who you associated with. I’m sure whatever she told you, it wasn’t the truth. She’s a pathological liar. Personally I’m grateful she brought you to me. I think you’re destined to be one of my shining stars, Oliver.”
     “I don’t sparkle, lady.” He jerked at his restraints. “Where’s Zack? That’s how you got Caila’s name. You have him. I know it.”
     “I suppose that would be a correct statement, but how is it that you’re so certain? I’m curious.”
     “Caila gave me a can Zack touched. I saw him in a Cheez Whiz vision. He grabbed a couple of In-N-Out burgers and you nabbed him.”
     “Ah, impressive. You have an amazing gift to connect with others, Oliver. Psychometry, is it? I can work with that. You’re perfect, in fact.” She smiled before she upped the dose of drugs into his body. “Strip off his clothes and scrub him down. My work isn’t done. I have special plans for this one.”
     Dr. Fiona was done talking to him. She gave orders to the two men in uniforms. They heaved something heavy onto his head that covered his eyes, and his world went black. He gasped for air when the gear clamped over his nose.
     He fought the restraints but couldn’t move. When hands invaded his body, no one talked to him. They scrubbed his bare skin with cold soapy water that made him shiver, but he couldn’t see what they did to him. He couldn’t see anything.
     The last thing he remembered hearing was the pounding of his heart until it faded to nothing.
Author Bio
Bestselling, critically-acclaimed author Jordan Dane’s gritty romantic thrillers are ripped from the headlines with vivid settings, intrigue, and dark humor. Publishers Weekly compared her intense novels to Lisa Jackson, Lisa Gardner, and Tami Hoag, naming her debut novel NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM as Best Books of 2008. She also pens young-adult novels for Harlequin Teen. Formerly an energy sales manager, she now writes full time. Jordan and her husband share their Texas residence with two lucky rescue dogs.

Author Links:
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