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Friday, January 31, 2014


New Year, New Look

     Happy New Year!
     Bookwyrming Thoughts just underwent a makeover and HTML and I can officially ignore each other once more (actually, I can't really get away from it but still...). :D
     Let's just say I'm pretty happy with the new look. ^_^ Like writing a book, I would probably still be driving myself up the wall without some help and possibly guidance along the way, though I don't think you can drive yourself up the wall when writing... or can you? Someone put me out of my misery.

     I would like to thank the following people:
  • The people at Wizard101 Central who commented on my graphics post, particularly if you were cunning enough to stalk me here as well, because I'm pretty much 100% sure that the words "Bookwyrming Thoughts" weren't mentioned. I didn't go with a fairy theme. Nor an owl theme, though that's only partly true.
  • Kelsey from Stars of the Spiral – If I've never told you, it's fun talking to you about books on Twitter. :D Thanks to you – and Jacob – for suggesting a final rating system. And for putting me out of my misery of colorifying – is that a word? I don't think it is but it is now :p – owls to signify halves.
  • Stephanie from Hopeless Romantics – I've never exactly spoken much to you before in the past, but a big thank you for helping me with customizing IntenseDebate. :D
  • Anyone who tolerated the last couple of weeks while non-transferable stuff moved on over to the blog. I'm sorry if you couldn't read the sidebar or menu or if they looked a bit out of place.
     What do you guys think? I figured it was time for a completely different look after over a year of the same one rather than minor adjustments. :3
     Although minor adjustments were made... *coughs* menu, features, networkedblogs, and bloglovin *coughs*

     Happy Year of the Horse!
     I think the Mockingjay cursor is highly disapproving of horseshoes right now, but I think Hedwig deserves a break.

     May the horseshoes be ever in your favor. I heard they're good luck. ;)


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