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Monday, January 27, 2014

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Review: Indigo Incite by Jacinda Buchmann

Indigo #1
Author: Jacinda Buchmann
Released Date: May 12, 2013
Publisher: Self Published

There are no secrets

Sixteen-year-old Tyler believed that his extra-sensory powers were a secret, but when his twin brother, Toby, is kidnapped by a covert government agency, he realizes that he has no secrets, and he has nowhere to hide.

He’s not alone

Now, in order to save himself and rescue his brother, Tyler must call upon the help of four strangers. Unknown to each other, Eddie, Liliana, Grace, and Sarah share a common bond. They are Indigo Children. With extra-sensory powers of their own, they must unite with Tyler in order to maintain their freedom.

Unexpected romance

They’re on the run. They’re on a mission. Romance is a distraction that Tyler can’t afford. But sometimes, the heart has a mind of its own.

Time is running out

Will they find Toby before the agency finds them first? Find out in Indigo Incite, Book One of the Indigo Trilogy.

Disclaimer: Review copy provided by author for the blog tour for an honest review
(Yes, I had to back out of the tour. Sort of.)

     Well, in a few words, Indigo Incite was quite the snooze fest. It has an interesting premise, yes, but quite DULL. There's nothing much going on. Nothing!
     It started out interesting, of course, with all those seriously cool powers but over the course of the book, there really was nothing going on. I was really just hoping it would slowly build up and end with a good pow.
     It honestly didn't. It was like Nikita in walking through very deep snow motion, and I actually like Nikita. It's certainly not as interesting as Grimm though. I'm not even surprised by the end. It's obvious and doesn't exactly take brains to figure out the most logical answer.
     Then again, I could be surprised by the second book, but I'm pretty sure I won't be surprised. I probably won't be surprised on what may happen at the end of the trilogy either, but that's yet to be seen. *doesn't really plan on reading further on the series unless things spice up a notch in action*
“A few different people…some good, some not so good. Do you have time to talk? My name is Sarah, by the way.”
     Essentially it's a repeat of "Hi, I'm so and so. Can we talk?" in a different style. I stress SLOW. Too much talking. Less talking, more action. I have a semi-short attention span and I have other books on my review queue to read that are most likely more interesting than a bunch of dialogue. >_<
     Let me backtrack a little. Indigo Incite isn't full of dialogue, but it simply felt like it's all talk and no action, if you know what I mean?
     Maybe it's the random commas that just felt really out of place. I really thought that was the main reason for the slow going of things. I eventually ignored them, but still... nothing interesting going on. Zzzzz. *yawns*
“Come on, boys.” Henry waved the gun toward the door. “Let’s walk. First, I’ll take that disc off your hands.”
     What happens next? ATTENTION: SPOILER ALERT! Hellooo, the police barge in. -_-
     Typical bad guy gets caught by the authorities and real life stuffy. -_-
     I thought Tyler and Toby would go all Jackie Chan on Henry and things will finally have some SPICE. I adore spices. Particularly cinnamon and – does gingerbread marshmallows count? It contains ginger and they're delicious. Quite cheap right after Christmas too. I don't mean those Asian herbs that look like alien fingers, though for all I know they're the same thing. :D

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Owls



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