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Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Review: Spellweaver by C.J. Bridgeman

The Spellweaver Chronicles #1
Author: C.J. Bridgeman
Publication Date: October 20, 2013
Publisher: Self-Published

Book One of the Spellweaver Chronicles

Felicity Lucas never really knew her mother. Even though they had lived together for all the fourteen years that Felicity had been alive, they had barely even had a meaningful conversation. It was a relationship that was far from perfect.

So when her mother dies in a car crash and Felicity is sent to live with her estranged father in a deprived London borough, she is determined to move on. It isn't easy - content with her solitude, she's never had friends before, but the most popular girl in her new school won't leave her alone and she's forced to attend counselling. To make things worse, it's obvious that her father doesn't want her around.

It is only after she discovers a book of spells and is attacked by a strange boy who can conjure flames in his hands that she starts to realise that her mother was far more than what she seemed. She had a great many secrets, secrets that promise to thrust Felicity into a terrifying world of magic and straight into the path of beings who are determined to destroy her...
Disclaimer: Review copy provided by author for a honest review

     Well, I'll have to admit that from reading the first few sentences, I had this really dreadful feeling I was going to have to face another DNF. And right after a different one as well.
     In other words, Spellweaver is not the greatest first impression when you first open the book. Thankfully, it wasn't a snooze fest and joined the really small DNF club.
     And no, I'm not that mean enough to judge a book by the first page. You just have the first 50% of the book to impress me. I think it's time for another review update (handy, because that's going to be updated after the new design goes up). And I think that sort of reassured some people.
     I'll have to say that Hollie seems like a really fake character. OH EM GEE! Um... no. She's like Dee Black from the Lux series (I only read Obsidian, thank you very much), only on MEGA steroids or something. Even Dee doesn't do that... nor does anybody I ever came across – and that includes the people who gossip way too much for their own good – say OMG in that fashion. e_e
     It could be a British thing. I somehow really doubt it. But the way it's written, it's just so weird. It could be the timing of it also. Still, it feels really weird and out of place. A sore thumb sticking out. *cringe, cringe* I will, however, have to give the author some credit on that. Hollie is the complete polar opposite of her twin brother Jamie, and therefore it's pretty easy to tell the characters apart.
     Things were getting interesting about a fourth of the way through. BUT... it always gets interrupted with something else. e_e x2
     Speaking of which, it's not a page turner. Of course, there were times when it was a page turner, and it probably would've made a perfect chapter ending, but then the story continues on and ends at a not so page turny area. Also, it sort of feels like I'm reading a mature, yet weird version of My Little Pony combined with Thomas the Train (Thomas did this, Thomas did that, Thomas did blah blah blah). o_O
     And speaking of Thomas the Train, Spellweaver also sounds like that narrator (the author named Karen) from Strangely Fiction. Or something similar to that... it has Will Ferrell, who plays Harold Crick... and that's all I'm going to say about the movie. I could have gotten the name wrong, but it's close enough from the top of my noggin.
     Well, no significance of C.J. Bridgeman's novel that I was left with, but not too shabby either. I mean, aside from a message of friendship. It wasn't great and certainly didn't land in my well liked books list, but it's somewhere in the middle. And I literally mean somewhere.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Owls



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