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Friday, February 28, 2014

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ARC Review: Shinobi by Cole Gibsen

Katana #3
Author: Cole Gibsen
Publication Date: March 8, 2014
Publisher: Flux

Rileigh is ready to celebrate. 

Things have been quiet (as quiet as life can be for a reincarnated samurai), she's graduating high school, and her boyfriend, Kim, has finally regained his lost memories. But the urge to celebrate is short-lived when she realizes that if Kim can remember, chances are her (im)mortal enemy, Sumi, can remember as well. Sure enough, it's not long before the reincarnated ninja attacks Rileigh and her friends. But in the aftermath of the fight, Rileigh discovers that Sumi has performed an ancient ritual that allows her to switch bodies with Rileigh . . . and it's draining her ki. Hunted by the Network (who believe Rileigh is Sumi), Rileigh must track the vengeful ninja down before her own powers completely vanish.
Advanced Review Copy provided by Flux via Netgalley for review – thanks!

OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!! *fangirls and flails happily*
Oh wait, this the end. -_- *fangirling and happy flailing diminishes*

First, the cover's extremely pretty. I personally think it's the best of the series. :D

Second, I looked up what Shinobi meant on Bing and I ended with another term: Ninja. I'm going to go assume Shinobi means Ninja but I have no clue what ninjas have to do with the third and final novel in the Katana trilogy, because ninjas apparently appeared more often in Senshi.

Third, no picture in the review will probably say my feelings for the book completely.

Fourth, I have good news: no disappointing ending. I think it's surprisingly PERFECTO and I'm going to miss the characters. Oh, and book club, you're not getting anything from me. I honestly don't care how much you guys beg, but all I'm going to say is that it's thankfully not an Allegiant ending and you don't have to throw any books at the wall.

(It happened. Cole's future books won't be feared for either, though maybe I should since I don't read minds.)

Like the synopsis says, it's a jaw dropping conclusion. And this might be my reason why this review is formatted as it is. I didn't want to make a list either... O_o

Fifth, if a person can melt, I would be a puddle of goo right now. But then I wouldn't be able to write the review or fangirl, which would be a really bad idea. I think.
Sticking out like a sore pengthumb

Sixth, diplomas really should be rigged to have confetti shooting out when we open them. Sitting there for 2+ hours at commencement in choir robes that made me feel like a blue pengman. It's actually pretty boring and I have to deal with it again in 2 years. >_<

The thing is, I also loved what the author did in telling Chiyo's story. In the prior novels – I'm not sure if this is a spoiler? – we were reading (hearing isn't exactly valid) Senshi's story. It's essentially "hearing" both sides of the story and why *insert spoiler* happened. AKA motive.

The bad news? It's the end, and I basically have to go wave goodbye to the characters.

Sumi, I pity you, but I still don't like you and I personally think you deserve whatever happens. :p

Whitley, you're a bit hard not to like. Mixed feelings? Yep.

Rileigh, apparently you're my favorite tied next to Quentin. I think it's your sassiness. Me like. Actually, I liked it since day Katana was chosen as a book club pick and I finally got the chance to tick off a book from my TBR. :3

Quentin, I wish you were real. But... "denial isn't just a river in Egypt." O_o

Gene, you remind me of Albus Dumbledore. Just no magic and probably not an extremely long beard. Huh. You virtually LOOK like Dumbledore. With sunglasses. Maybe Psy and Dumbledore put together... – that didn't come out wrong, did it?!
Other characters: Kim, Drew, Braden, Michelle, even Dr. Wendell – I'm sure I missed someone – I don't have any words so... no comment.

Great. I think I made that part sound like I'm going to a funeral or something. Although technically I sort of am? More like a Farewell ceremony. O_o

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