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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Review: Cup of Life by Juliana Haygert

Cup of Life by Juliana Haygert

Everlast Trilogy #2.5
Juliana Haygert
Publication Date: January 20, 2014
Publisher: Self Published

His existence would mean nothing without her.

Review copy provided by author for review

I couldn't help but fangirl at the end of Soul Oath and saw the words "NOVELLA TOLD IN MICAH'S POV." I get to pry into another corner of the love triangle without really having to pry. Hashtag YAY.
It kind of makes me giddy as well. I may have squealed a little (hey, I have those moments).

Micah's a fun character; I'm sort of wishing Destiny Gift and Soul Oath had more of Micah, and it's a lot of fun seeing things from the another corner.

Though I still found it funny Nadine slammed the door in his face and he still needs an ego check.

Plus, we get to see his true motives. And we go down Memory Lane, in which I pretty much forgot a few things here and there, but it's from Micah's eyes so... *innocent look*

Cup of Life also seems to be a high jump into the 3rd novel, which hopefully has some great things to come, and maybe we'll get to pry into Micah's mind some more??? ^_^
By the Evelast, this just keeps getting better and better.
Yep. I had to quote Victor. But I don't mean it the same way as he does, and for some reason I imagine him as an animate statue lately. Like... that one god in Camp Jupiter... but less grumpy.

5 Owls

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