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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Ways to Survive Marleybone ~ A Very Random Guide

Marleybone. A world based off 19th Century London, full of fluffy cats and rats (ha... not really rats as there are cats) all over the place, and possibly one of the most hated worlds in Wizard101.

Oh yeah. And it's in the hands of Jacques the Snatcher. Not literally.

So the question is, how do you make it less hateful - or more accurately - survive from the catty-but-not-sassy creatures of Gloomybone?

Get a Mount

Stock up on temporary mounts on KIFG (if they still give temps away). Start saving up gold to buy a mount - a permanent one. Use a mount from one of your other characters. I personally prefer a broom since it's so skinny, you can basically hide in a small nook that a dragon can't. Plus, using a big mount will only give you more trouble, so if all you have is Mr. Stompy, you might as well walk instead and take your chances there.
A mount, however, will help you move faster, which will help when it comes to #6 and basically the rest of your pixel life.

"Emergency" Treasure Cards

For some reason, there's always one or two stubborn person who despise TCs and think they're a sin or something, which is precisely why I call them "EMERGENCY" Treasure Cards. Buy a few fairies or other healing cards, and certainly not rebirth unless you're a Theurgist. Make sure you fill up on those before entering a battle, especially the bossy ones (see what I did there?).

You're welcome to call them EMERGENT. But that's not as great as Detergent. :p
I did not make that. I just found it pretty cool before the last Divergent title was revealed. But did you guys know there's actually a book titled that on Amazon?

Work with Others

No, this isn't a "you must do this or you'll never survive" - you'll certainly live without company. It just makes things more interesting and fun. As long as you don't break the rules that is... but if you want to be "forever alone" (like me usually) in your own little bubble of lonliness then be my guest.

When All Else Fails... Ask for Help, or Research

You can't do everything flawlessly - not without help. That's like demanding a baby to take it's first steps without assistance. So if you tried multiple times with different strategies each time but failed every time, take a few minutes to ask. It's not that hard to hop onto Twitter for a moment, ask a good - well, hopefully good - friend of yours to see if they're not busy, or go on Wizard101 Central and make a request with Mercenaries for Hire.

And if you don't want to, or you simply refuse to, Google or Bing is your best friend. There just might be a tutorial, but not all tutorials are going to rectify your problems. Plus, above mentioned peoples probably don't bite unless you're being nasty.

Come Back Later

No, not the blog! Come back!!! >_<
If all of the above fails and you're completely broke, then come back to Gloomybone later. Chances are, you just focused on the main path only and need to take a hike somewhere else for awhile.

Timing... or Maybe It's Just Luck

Even if you get a mount, even if you have emergents, even if you work with others, even if you ask for help when all else fails, or come back later. But if you can't time moving around perfectly, you're toast, because the fluffy heads of GB will get their furry paws on you. A. LOT. Literally.

But take a moment, stay in a vacant place where no fluffy heads come by, and observe. You'll thank yourself later when you save up enough to buy that seriously cool koi pond from the bazaar.
Maybe it's just luck on my part. The Gloomy Gods are smiling down on me most of the time and I'm one of the "Spared."

And so ends some ways to survive Marleybone (or Gloomybone if you'd prefer). I'm sure there are more, so what are your thoughts? Also, do you want to see more of the occasional Wizard101 post on here (I do have my reasons on WHY I'm not making a separate blog)? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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