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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Best of 2014: January-March

Wow. It's April Fool's Day! And it's finally the beginning of spring. At least Mother Nature can finally stop spitting cold fluff at us.

But she's now throwing bugs. Hmph. Considering the fact that mosquitos hate me to the nth degree, the cold fluff actually sounds better.
That aside, with so many books being read during those lovely snow days - Bummer Alert: An additional week of school. Maybe more if you're in an even more unfortunate place than Roller Coaster Missouri. Yippee. - and with only a handful that will ever make it to this year's Top 12 Books Reviewed sometime in December...

I personally think I should do a Top 10 list on a quarterly basis. At least some of the books that more than likely won't make it will make it for a fourth of the year.

Most of the books contain books read between December-Early March. All of the reviews were posted sometime between January-March 2014. Plus, they're in order by raw ratings. Not that I'm going to give THAT tidbit away.
Have you read any of the books on the list? What are your thoughts/opinions?

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