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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Blogging + Real Life: How Do You Balance Both? ~ Part 1

How do I find the time to do so much posts a week? Interesting question, anonymous bloggers 1 and 2, for I can't answer that without making a really long reply or in 160 tweets.

To be honest, I don't – at least, not really – have time to do so many posts in a week, for a million reasons:
  • I'm getting myself into the habit of replying to comments AND visiting blogs, thanks to Alise's Bloggers Commenting Back, which I think is a genius idea. Which leads to my next point...
  • Moderating comments. I hate CAPTCHA. More on that... on another post. Sometime in the future
  • I don't have internet at home. If I'm online in the middle of the night or early in the morning, it's usually for a reason. Or I simply couldn't sleep and it's nearly time for the alarm to go off.
  • I'm reading. Or doing homework. Most likely the former than the latter. Come fall, I'm not so sure. How stressful is training to be a CNA at tech school? I'm not sure yet.
  • I simply don't live under a rock.
So how exactly do I manage to do all of that and not be entirely stressed out? I'm not really sure. I suppose I haven't reached my bloggy breaking point with books since I've had a passion for reading almost my entire life.
On the other hand, I'm hesitant toward expanding the blog to include gaming since I don't have a longtime passion for it and I haven't played with my character for almost a year. Problem is, I might have to hop on sometime soon because a book I recently read is connected to that game in a way – at least in terms of my visualization.
I did make this into a series of posts (6 parts!) originally, but I've managed to narrow it down a bit (a little). Personally, I think everyone has a different strategy. Some people have all the time in the world to read a book or 2 a day. Others, like me, are meticulously organized – I am not OCD. My room says so with it's messiness – and don't wing it when it comes to blogging.

But, I'll start with 1:

Schedule Your Posts

I don't do things at the last minute anymore. The first time I started using the schedule button though, I didn't publish the post after setting the date and time. Whoops. With scheduling though, I can pretty much be assured most of the time that I won't be in trouble with Giselle, Kathy, Jaidis and other peeps I host for (okay, those 3 were the first to pop in mind).

Too bad I can't really say the same about real life, though Lupe and a few others might just say I'm deceiving myself (I really do have a track record of turning my homework in on time... most of the time).
And so ends Part 1 of the Unknown. :p But... do you use the schedule button, or do you wing it when it comes to blog posts?

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