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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Blogging + Real Life: How Do You Balance Both? ~ Part 4

Yippee! It's the second to last post in this series! Actually, technically this IS the last post, but the one after this one is related but not related if you know what I mean. This final-yet-not-so-final post is probably light and fluffy.
And no, I don't mean final by I'm quitting blogging, which I'm not. At least, not to my current knowledge. The final yet one I haven't exactly done yet:

Set Your Priorities, Don't Overwork Yourself and Take a Break Every Once In Awhile

I haven't taken a blogging break yet. At least, not yet. There's a chance that I might take these random intervals of break come junior year when I'm in tech school – they said first year CNA is BRUTAL but I'm not sure so I'll have to find out. 3rd times the charm right? I mean, the muscle and bony stuff? I just know that I'm going to enjoy blogging for as long as I possibly can before a) my mom pulls the rug out, with me having a baby fit probably. b) I snag a coblogger – I know I haven't mentioned it, but you're welcome to guest review, and chances are if I decide to get a coblogger... it's someone who's been a guest reviewer. Which is none right now, so I might just rope in 1 of my friends from school. c) I'm really busy with school work, but by then I would resort to b maybe. Or d) I'm shoulder deep in a pit black hole of the lumpiness called slumpy.

I feel like a complete preacher if I start saying to set your priorities, but it's a fact: blogging's a hobby (I wish it were a job. Then I would be an excellent worker, wouldn't you guys agree?). It's fun, but once you overwork yourself, it's not as fun. Just because I have so many posts in a week doesn't mean you should feel pressured to do so as well. I have the time to do them all and all those reviews you see? Most are actually from a prior month. Books I've read in April are scheduled to post in May or June, though I suppose that's my fault partially for participating in blitzes and tours. But it's dear author's fault for having an appealing book because I most certainly did NOT write them, thank you very much.

But pfft. Go do that boring homework or project. Maybe comment on a few blogs. Blogging can wait a few hours unless it needs immediate attention. Why are you staring at your stats 24/7 anyways? :p
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