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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Discussion: 5 Softwares I Use to Organize My Blogging Life... Or Maybe Just Life

Bookwyrming Thoughts Discussion
Back in Part 3 in Blogging + Real Life: How Do You Balance Both? I went into a brief basis of how I actually manage to do both without stressing out, which is actually organization. Back in the old golden days of my noobiness when I first started Bookwyrming Thoughts, I pretty muched winged posts. It didn't exactly go out so great until I decided to run around with calendars in March 2013. Bookwyrming Tidbit: I scribble in my school planner with important dates and notes and it's REALLY messy. Therefore, I am not OCD. Although I sort of am... but I've been told it's not severe.

But back in Part 3, I also mentioned there's actually more. Oh, and a disclaimer: Most of these programs I actually use and I'm recommending them on my own. I have no little funky contracts with the companies to promote them. Really, I don't.
Efficient Software - I think Vista is the only version of Windows that come with a calendar program ALONE. I'm not sure, so do take a look first. Efficient Software is actually free, but if you want to use the full features, I think you have to pay around $40? I believe it does have a calendar software, a planner that includes a calendar, and others. I use Efficient Notes to record raw ratings at the end of the year in case someone actually asks me what I thought of a book. I can at least give them a really quick idea. "Oh, that book got a 2.45 out of 5. I don't think I would recommend it."
I don't think Cole Gibsen will mind me using her books as guinea pigs? They're good ratings after all...

OpenOffice - Whee, a free Microsoft Alternative! You're welcome dear authors who don't want to waste $200 on a software. I actually use the spreadsheet to keep track of the books I read in a year. It's also how I make the Best of Year posts on a quarterly basis. It's similar to Microsoft Office BEFORE 2007. Maybe 2003? I'm not sure. So many micros. Another alternative that actually saves in Microsoft Office format - usually by default - is Kingsoft Office. Unfortunately, Kingsoft Office only has a version of Word, Excel and Power Point (now you guys need to add a version of Access). The layout is really similar to the newer versions of Microsoft Office. Oh, and you can change it. Isn't that great? :D

Despite the fact I tried many times to take a screenshot of the available themes, it just doesn't like me. Blah, what can you do. -_- But I did get the icons!

HottNotes - HottNotes is the awesome software that apparently saved my computer from being very, very cluttery. Imagine how many files I would have on my desktop - I really hate saving in documents and all that jazz - if I didn't. Most of those files would actually be raw ratings and lists! It's really similar to post it notes, so if you're a crazy post it note user like me (if I had post it notes)... *points* But if you have Vista, Sticky Notes can be used too! I'm pretty sure you can type, draw and record. HottNotes doesn't have the luxury of recording. But recording is so awkward if you ask me. Unless you're singing. Then you can pretend you're in the shower... :p
Desktop iCalendar - Apple has nothing to do with this. But it is a desktop calendar. Not the best place to stick your blogging schedule, but it tells you about upcoming events (I do 2, but you have the option to do more). Perhaps you can go add in those challenge start and end dates so you don't forget. ;) You can also sync it to your Google Account, but I'm not sure how that works exactly or if it's only available for pro.

Rocketdock - This is actually similar to the dock you find on the Mac, except you can make it catch on fire, have an upside down Hello Kitty, feathers, on a cloud - it sort of depends on the layout. Oh, and you can have cool icons too (Lord of the Rings anyone? I wonder if there's one for THG or Divergent. They should pop up soon if they haven't yet). Currently mine is on a cloud, but I did have it on fire previously...

Those are just 5 programs I use to organize my blogging life - how do you keep yourself organized? :3

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