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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Review: Fire & Shadow by T.G. Ayer

Fire and Shadow by T.G. Ayer

Hand of Kali #1
T.G. Ayer
Publication Date: July 23, 2013
Publisher: Infinite Ink Books

Normal people sneak out to a party and have fun. Maya Rao ends the evening by incinerating the guy who attacks her.

Nik Lucas, sexy, new in town and totally forbidden, happens to walk in on her. Normal guys would run for the hills. Nik knows a whole lot more than he's telling.

Maya doesn't believe the gods are real, doesn't waste her time with mere mythology. But when gods, demons and hellhounds become the new normal and wielding fire becomes her new skill, she must decide what it is she really believes.

Can Maya accept that normal is something she will never be because it isn't normal to be ...

The Hand of Kali.

A new Paranormal coming of age series delving in the fantasy and magic of Hindu mythology and its plethora of gods, demons, legends & mythology.

Gorgeous cover, brilliant idea, but the story? The inner editor in me saying there needs to be some major fixing. But first, let me narrow down the basis of Fire & Shadow before launching into what I didn't like about the book and why said book didn't get a fantabulously stellar rating.

  • There's a pronunciation guide! If I actually gave out bonus points, which I don't, a bonus point will be given to Ayer. Even though I didn't actually use the pronunciation guide, but helpful all the same to have.
  • This is based on Hindu mythology. Or is it Hindi? I'm honestly not sure, but the story does stick close to Indian culture. Don't take my word for it, and don't quote me on this.
    • Thus, this makes the book unique. There's not many books based on Indian culture, much less the mythology.
  • The rating could have been lower, but I read the acknowledgments. Not that it would've changed much either way.
That said, allow me to move on to the unpleasant parts, and there were MANY.
  • Grammar and Spelling – There were TONS of spelling and grammar mistakes, particularly with punctuation. What was supposed to be a question became a statement and vice versa. Missing periods or quotes. And so on. o_e
  • Formatting – My second biggest problem. Most authors indent the first sentence. Others don't but there's a break between paragraphs. Fire & Shadow are jumbled together. No breaks, no indentation. Can you guys tell if it's 2 paragraphs or not? Only the author knows, and I'm certainly not an author, nor do I intend to write a book.
I have a few problems with the characters as well, particularly Maya, the main character who discovers she can actually control the powers of the goddess Kali.
  • Maya seems quite obsessed with her crush on Nik, thinking about how he's forbidden and how "sexy" he is. Plus, she's worried about him... a lot. While that sounds loyal and caring, but I'm pretty sure dear Nik won't die in 3 seconds.
  • “No, I haven't forgotten. I just know I’m getting out of here soon enough. And that you will pay for your crimes very soon, too.” Maya sounds very... casual. There ain't time to dawdle – you got a goddess-who's-really-supposed-to-be-a-god waiting to be saved!
  • I don't buy Narakasura's evilness. He sounds like a dude asking her to consider joining in a food fight or reconsider a rejection to a date that went extremely wrong. Or perhaps, since it's Prom season... reconsidering a prom date.
Fire & Shadow does have potential though. It just has quite a few big holes that needs some mending.

While I've heard quite a bit about T.G. Ayer, for a first timer, it didn't go out so well. Perhaps I'll try her other series – The Valkyrie Series. It seems quite interesting, but I'm afraid that I might say similar things about Dead Radiance. Speaking of which, if anyone has read her other books, what are your thoughts on them? Would love to hear them! :)

2.5 Owls

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