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Saturday, June 7, 2014


10 Things You Didn't Know About Sophia... and It's Not the Wizard

I honestly haven't done any facts about me post before have I? Aside from the Liebster Award which was over a year ago... so I suppose I'm well overdue for a factual post. o_o

1. Contrary to my early morning risings occasionally, I am NOT a morning person. Especially if someone decides to wake me up. I'm all claws then. Now if I woke up early on my own... then I'm not crabby. When will you realize that mom so you can spare yourself some teenaged claws?
2. I can't stand icing or anything really sugary. The irony? Chocolate IS sugary. And I crave chocolate.
3.Another irony in my life: I don't like nonfiction, but it was nonfiction that got me into reading. I think my life is being ruled by the Fe.
4. I used to play the violin and the guitar. They're similar, so it was easy to adjust from a violin to a guitar.
5. I name my cursors. So far Hedwig and Pika have stopped by. Now the mockingjay... does anyone have a suggestion? I might just call her Katniss. Or Rue.
6. I'm supposed to know 4 languages. I know 1 (English) and can speak Chinese... decently. Only in front of my mom. My dad was too lazy to teach me Cantonese and Vietnamese.

7. My first DNFs, second and third chances were The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Surprise, surprise. But they're not getting another chance if I dislike their solo works. :p
8. I've always wanted to audition for the Muny. My mom wouldn't let me. Her reasons?
  • Too far away - well, that's reasonable
  • Asians are scholarly. They're usually doctors. African Americans are born to be in the spotlight - *fumes* That reason just... pisses me off GREATLY. Pardon my language. -_-
9. I personally think the taste of coffee is simply horrendous. How do you guys gobble that kind of taste up like candy? It baffles me. o_O
10. Blogging's my sanity. I mean, how do I keep track of all these books I read?! My mom and most of my classmates usually look at me as though I either a) got dropped on my head as a toddler - not likely, or b) grew 2-5 heads. Does the latter make me a Humandra? Or... a Hudusra? (Human, Medusa, Hydra)
So... now's the time to ask random questions of all things in between about me. Maybe some random facts about you guys, or did those random facts actually make me the oddball of book bloggers?
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