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Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Looking for a co-blogger (or two)!

Hey fellow bookworms!

This is sort of a hard post to write, but I'd rather do this sooner rather than later before I'm probably too busy.

This August – basically in a month – I'll be starting Junior Year. In Australia and the UK, I'm probably considered Year 11. That means I have a few college classes. With technical school – medical specifically – that adds a few piles of homework.
(Remember learning the muscles and bones of the body? Yeah, this will probably be my third time learning this. Hopefully I'll fare better. Not that I did terrible back in 7th grade.)

With the possible pile of homework – of course College Algebra and Trig is going to have homework. Yippee – the future of Bookwyrming Thoughts may be on the line. After thinking for awhile, I came up with a few possible options:
  1. I give up Bookwyrming Thoughts
  2. I commit random acts of disappearances
  3. I fail some classes
  4. I get some co-bloggers
Which sort of brings back my 7th grade skeletal memories. While I don't mind a B, I hate C's. Even worse when they're really close to a B-. It's like grades are mocking me: Hahaha! You got a 78! *blows raspberry*
And failing is COMPLETELY out of the option for me (and for my mom! We agree). Plus, I don't like random acts of disappearances. Even though technically I'm committing them all the time because I schedule my posts ahead of time. :D Then I stalk blogs sometimes, so that's not exactly a disappearance. And I'm active on Twitter. ^_^

Quitting blogging altogether is also out of the question. If any of you guys know my age, I started Bookwyrming Thoughts when I was 15 and a freshman. It's played a big part of my high school life, and a role in shaping who I am today. Honestly, I'm not ready to let this part of my life go.
Which leaves one option: getting some co-bloggers. I'm looking for one or maybe two.

What I'm Looking For:

  • You MUST have decent spelling and grammar. Underline that 3 times. ;)
  • You MUST schedule posts ahead of time (otherwise I might take a date you want to post on really quickly!)
  • You MUST have a preferred method of communication – email or Twitter.
  • You MUST have a Twitter and Goodreads.*
  • You MUST post at least once a week
  • You MUST have at least 300 words in your reviews. Chibi Views (newest feature  to be introduced later this month) are another story, but are usually reserved for short stories. There can't be one or two sentences for all of your reviews.
  • You CAN sign Bookwyrming Thoughts up for blog tours. But you MUST consult me first AND you MUST be responsible for your own posts (otherwise you won't be able to. ;))
  • You CAN loan any books I own in my Kindle library. So long as I haven't loaned it to someone else already...
  • You CANNOT review adult or erotica. This is a MG/YA/NA book blog.
  • You MUST be honest in your reviews, and you CANNOT plagiarize. Otherwise, a hoard of angry bloggers will come after you, and I'll leave you in the dust if you're guilty. Really, I will.
    • I hope the plagiarizing part is obvious
  • NO computer or graphic skills necessary. Creativity and reliability, yes.
  • You WILL be able to use Bookwyrming Thoughts' stats to request books on Netgalley or Edelweiss
*If you're a gamer (Wizard101/Pirate101, or anything not completely violent. If it's a browser game, I can definitely check it out!) and do not want to review, you don't need a Goodreads account or links to any reviews. You do however, need to attach a sample blog post. Plus, you do need to be somewhat flexible with changing your scheduled posts around when it comes to blog tours.

NOTE: If you don't meet one of the requirements, let me know so I can find an alternative or two! :)

I probably sound like a dictator. Sorry! But I want to pat everything down in stone. *gives you chocolate and cookies*

To apply as a co-blogger at Bookwyrming Thoughts, email me at rachelwaterblade(at)hotmail(dot)com with the following info:
Name, Age (if you don't want to give exact, give a general idea. Ex: Teen), Country
Preferred Method of Communication
Twitter Handle
Goodreads URL
Do I know you already?
Preferred genres
Link to at least 2 reviews, at least one positive and one negative (if you have a blog, link to your blog instead)
Brief Bio
Anything else you want to tell me
Applications Due Indefinitely. Until I find an awesome person.
If I don't find anyone, then I'll commit random acts of disappearances. O_o

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Sophia is the owner and founder of Bookwyrming Thoughts, but also found on various parts of the internet. She's a 19-year-old communications major who has weird humor and doesn't fit the Asian stereotype (maybe a little). Books, chocolate, technology, and music are among some of her favorite things. For more of her work, visit her personal website.