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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Review: A Different Kind by Lauryn April (Truly A Different Kind)

A Different Kind by Lauryn April

A Different Kind
Lauryn April
Publication Date: March 30, 2014
Publisher: Phantom Owl Press

Payton Carlson’s life is perfect – until the night she’s abducted by aliens. Now she’s plagued by pieces of memories from a night that feels as hazy as a dream, and that’s not the only strange thing that’s been happening. When Payton’s neighbor, Logan Reed, who spends every night sitting on his roof staring at the stars, starts to pay extra attention to her, Payton starts to wonder if he knows more about the night she can’t remember than she does. Suddenly finding a date to the Homecoming dance and cheering at the football games aren’t as important as they used to be - especially when the aliens return for a second time.

Review Copy provided by the author for review

A Different Kind follows Payton Carlson, a high school who has a perfect life as a cheerleader and on top of the social pyramid at her school, at least until she starts getting strange dreams that are actually her being abducted by aliens.

A Different Kind definitely isn't my favorite book, contrary to the stellar rating. It reminded me a lot about Lux, which I actually have a like/hate relationship:
  • Aliens. Obviously. On the bright side, the name isn't complex, although Lux certainly isn't complex. But Latin is most certainly complex. Here, they're just called Greys. Simple. Easy.
  • DOD, aka Department of Defense, or maybe some sort of government interference. The DOD checks up on fellow Luxens in Lux. It's pretty much a similar case here, although it's simply someone. Chances are it's the DOD. That's up to Lauryn to confirm.
  • Telepathy. Need I say more? O_O I did find "We mean you no harm" funny though... it's probably made me think of the weird voice going "We come in peace."

What Made Me Enjoy A Different Kind?

  • Logan's humble. At least, that's what it seems to me. He certainly doesn't need an ego check AT ALL. I don't think he even has an ego.
    • I'm not saying all book boys with an ego need a check. Some I just don't like. Some I don't like in the first but I like them by the second, and if I don't like said boy by the second book, he's toasty. No pun intended.
  • Telekinesis over metal, which I find majorly cool. Blacksmiths would be uber happy if this were an actual power. Oh, and there would be less hospital bills. ;)
  • Despite the fact I disliked Payton in the first half of the book, I actually liked her by the end. She makes a major character change – from being a complete jerk to someone who realized that she didn't want to be popular after all and for her entire life, she's been acting like someone that everyone expected her to be.
    • I did have a problem with her being drunk a lot though. But that was before her change.
    • I suppose that means strong character development. :3
MORAL: Be Yourself

4.5 Owls

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