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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The Pressures of Bestselling Books

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"All of my friends are reading this bestselling book and I want to too!"

Random story: non-bookish people usually don't understand the pressures of reading a bestseller. I can't fathom exactly how many times I've been bugged to read books like Shatter Me, or The Raven Boys or even sequels like Treason or City of Glass (I already read City of Ashes. The review comes in July). The list just goes on and on.
Of course, considering the fact that those books pretty much have a large fanbase (aside from Treason, but why not toss in an indie author?), there are lots of pressure that comes with it and it may or may not influence adding said book to our TBR list.

Here are some of the pressures I usually come across:

It's going to become a movie/tv show and the trailers/photos looks so good!

Half the time I add a book to my TBR is when I hear it's going to become a movie. I mean, I don't want to be spoiled right? Plus, knowing Hollywood, they tend to screw things up, such as cutting off awesome characters. -_- Therefore, reading the book before the movie is probably wiser in my humble opinion.

You haven't read it? For shame!

How many haven't read Divergent or Twilight or Harry Potter yet? Or maybe The Mortal Instruments, like me, in which I'm currently in the process of reading (you see, I was stalling for the last book so I can steal loan it from a certain friend...). Perhaps another book altogether? For some reason, I always find it classic when one of my friends - usually Lupe since she's my book twin (now how did it happen that we aren't actual twins?) - gives me THAT look.
Or maybe...
Unfortunately, the majority of those who give me the look don't understand the life of a book blogger. But I have review requests! You peeps don't understand until you do it! Perhaps I should pressure said peeps to take over my blog for a week (1 of said peeps would probably have a review everyday). Or even worse, an entire summer. I'm just going to be completely lazy. JK. It's only me and alter ego me, which is essentially my back up in case something funny happens like a stupid little hacker.

I didn't like it and I now feel like a TOTAL oddball.

Think Atlas from Greek Mythology. Holding a sky up for eternity is quite the burden isn't it? So is finally having the time to read that book you're dying to read. You start the book but then about someways in, you realize you just don't like the book after all and wonder what's so special about said book anyways?
That's me 90% of the time. Examples? Under the Never Sky and Delirium. Same for Beautiful Creatures, but I chose to give that series a second and third chance which is essentially an honor if I choose to bestow it upon dear author, plus it's only a one time ticket (yeah, I don't care if it's a coauthor and then solo. 1 ticket is 1 ticket). What's worse? You're the only one and you have to pull out the famous forever alone face.
Any pressures you feel when it comes to reading a bestselling/popular book?
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