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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Best of 2014: April-June

Happy Early 4th of July! And happy summer. Hopefully you're making good progress on any reading challenges out there... *cough* Summer Reading Challenge *cough*

Apparently it's that time of year again, in which the majority of the books gathered all together was thanks to my cabin fever during spring break. Or so I think it's cabin fever.

(Although if you're remotely curious, I read less books in this quarter than the last one.)

Oh, and there were lots of ties. Unfortunate I don't do ties unless I want every single book I've read to be on there... ;)

That said, the top 10 reads I've reviewed from April through June (notice I didn't say READ), in order of raw ratings (or if you're a tie, in order of when I read it):
Have you read any of the books listed? Any thoughts, or possibly any recommendations I should go on the hunt for? Although if you do have any recommendations, please avoid contemporary romance and realistic fiction... I tend to hate them the majority of the time. I definitely have no problem promoting them. ;)

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