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Saturday, July 5, 2014


Do You Read Book Reviews?

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Well, hopefully you guys enjoyed the fireworks last night, but I have a confession to make: I do not read book reviews.


Actually, I do read book reviews. I usually just skim - or maybe it's called speed reading and I don't know it - and make a comment that apparently shows I pay attention - hey, it's possible to skim and make a thoughtful comment at the same time, and I guess I have some reasons why I don’t?

Spoilers - Most probably don’t have spoilers, but once in a blue moon there’s a spoiler. And it may be major, which is NOT what I want. Unless I actually do want to, but then I could always type into Bing: “Allegiant spoiler” or “Allegiant review with spoilers.”

No doubt I’ll end up with a bunch of forum posts. Maybe a few GR reviews, though that’s rare.

And yes... it’s quite possible for a Goodreads Review to pop into Bing. I’ve seen a few, but I’m not exactly sure what my review for The Marionettes of Myth Saga and a giveaway have anything to do with the cover of Shinobi. Although that Goodreads review was my review for Ashes. o_o

This is why search engines are funny. They give you raccoons when you’re looking for a book cover for a project.
I don’t want to be influenced - I’m not exactly too worried about spoilers. I’m more worried on my own review being influenced by said reviewer. In my humble opinion, that’s probably falling into the lines of plagiarism. :/
I would actually say that I mention every once in awhile that I agree with other reviewers about such and such... like Katy seeming to be a frustrating character.
So unless I read the book myself and finish the review, don’t expect a very awesome comment about what I think about the book, aside from how awesome the cover is or how much I hate it when characters fall heads over heels and apparently go at it within the first book. Gross. *wrinkles nose*
But now I’m curious. Does anyone else not read reviews or skim reviews for books they haven’t read, or am I just weird enough to be the only one who does this?

It's not going to be Friday the 13th for awhile, but perhaps you should test your luck with the 2014 Summer Reading Challenge??? :3

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