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Monday, August 4, 2014

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Catching Thoughts: The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

Yesterday in my Fiery Heart review... I mentioned that Lupe persuaded me – possibly with a sword... made of foam – to finally read The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead. On the other hand, I persuaded Lupe to join me in a bookish discussion about the Fiery Heart even though she already wrote the review (it was the catch. I'm totally persuasive. Sometimes).

No worries, Lupe. I wrote one myself as well.

Thus, Catching Thoughts was born – a mashup of Lupe's blog, Catching Bookz, and Bookwyrming Thoughts. Bookwyrming Bookz apparently sounds like tongue twister. Say that 10 times fast if you want. Baffled yet?

It might become a feature where we talk on Twitter about anything bookish – varying from discussions of books to possibly random debates about books. Or more accurately, random debates within discussions about books.

NOTE: Currently we're stumbling about. Maybe we'll get better at being perfectionists in the future.

The Fiery Heart Discussion

Sophi (@SophiWaterheart): *being the worse discussion starter as she is...* Let's see... theatrics of awesome? :D

Lupe was asking on how to start. Rock #1. Sophia is terrible at starting discussions.

Lupe (@CatchingBookz): Hahaha! Yes! I actually loved seeing Adrian and Rose finally getting along together! I thought it was going to be awkard!

Sophi: I did like peeking in Adrian's head. HE'S FUNNY. :O

Lupe: He is also very sweet! I love the escape plans!

At this point, Sophia is a little worried about Lupe's future...

Sophi: I still don't get how he's sweet. He literally exits... DRINKING. That's like a complete turn off for me. >_< Admit it. Will Herondale is the best. No... Christian Ozera and Dmitri Belikov.*

Lupe: He has demons he needs to fight off! Christian and Dimitri will always be awesome to me. Also Adrian, I can't leave him off.*

Sophi: Which he tries. But then Sydney goes POOF! and he's back to bad habits. >_< NO. HE'S LAST FOR ME.*
Lupe: Yeah cuz poor Adrian, a girl has been taken away from him twice now!

I suppose... that this might be occurring often in the future.

Kahlan (@BeautifulYou501): woah woah woah SPOLIERS BE POPIN UP IN MY FEED

Lupe: Avoid tweeter at the moment!

Sophi: Go absolutely COLD TURKEY.

Lupe: Amen

Kahlan: too late...hahaha its kk its not like i wont read the series


Lupe might be getting her pitchforks ready (or Sophi assumes...)

Sophi: Ya'll be continuing without me. I'm recording everything. *walks by leisurely*

Kahlan: lol yep now stop tweeting me!! My battery is gonna die so bye bye phone ;-;........for now

Sophi: * Actually, we're so evil, maybe we'll drain the battery... JK. Can't have you die in an emergency!


Lupe: I need silver shadows tho! I want to know if Adrian will kick some Ass!

By now, Sophi swears Lupe is in some sort of VA Cheerleading uniform and has pom-poms in hand

Sophi: That was a proper cliffhanger. PROPER. O_O

Lupe: No it wasn't! I wanted MORE!

Sophi: I shall steal your copy of Silver Shadows O_O *lurks by your house*
Lupe: yes! That way we can discuss it!

Sophi: Oh, speaking of Silver Shadows... *lurks about in county library ebook loan* COME TO ME, O BOOK. *hovers over crystal ball*

Lupe: lol!

Sophi: Shh. If you see me, please just mention that I come in peace.
Lupe: Sure thing! :D

Sophi: *minutes later* And so silence continues. O_O

Lupe: What's your favorite past?!

Sophi: "It's Adrian Ivashkov logic." Enough said.

Lupe: Mine is the beginning of the book!

Sophi: Oh yeah... that was actually pretty awesome. Something about baby names, ROFL. He's literally, "I'm pretty sure you have to do something first before you need that." AWKWARD MOMENT.

Lupe: I was laughing! And grinning like a kid who stepped into a candy store

When it comes to Adrian Ivashkov, we're opposites. Yet... no hair is being pulled. THANKFULLY.

Sophi: I was more of a "Oh hey! Adrian Ivashkov is actually FUNNY"

Lupe: no. He was always hilarious!

Sophi: I beg to differ and I blame Sydney's view. Puck is more funny.

Lupe: Puck IS funny! But I still like Adrian better :D

Sophi: :O! How could you deny Puck!
Lupe: How could I deny Adrian?!

Sophi: I still don't know you. O_O

Lupe: Yes u do!

Sophia has pretty much resorted to GIFs. Now that Twittter allows them. YUSH.

Lupe: Yush!

Sophi: *minutes later* Funny fact: we debate about the littlest things.

Lupe: Lol that's how friendship is lol!

Sophi: Another funny fact: we debate about little things, then we complete go off track, XD

END OF DISCUSSION. In reality, we go completely off track. Not much is completed. Or maybe it is. Of course, had we continued... there would have been more intermissions/interruptions by Kahlan. But we also learned Sophia Lin can kick butt if she wants to despite the fact she doesn't chatter much. Plus, Sophia set Lupe's hair on fire... while making the graphic (the flame princess guys!)

*Conversation broke into two threads. Sophia tried weaving them as close to the original convo as possible.


Number of Times We Went to "Jail" – 0 (it'll happen one day)
Lupe's Rating: 5 Crowns |  Lupe's Review
Sophia's Rating: 4.5 Owls |  Sophia's Review
Average Rating: 4.8 Crows

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts on The Fiery Heart? Is it good, bad, okay, confusing? Also, what do you think of Adrian? Good person with flaws? Or a person who needs to fix those flaws... badly? Or maybe, good person who has bad flaws and needs to fix them badly? What do you think of the ending? Any predictions to what may happen in Silver Shadows, if you haven't read it yet?
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