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Thursday, September 18, 2014

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10 Spells I Would Want on a Deserted Island

Lately I've been extremely bored enough to talk about PvP and well... the Hunger Games. Then later I started thinking about deserted islands and what I would do there... and a lot of other stuff. Surprisingly enough, you can come up with lots of posts about deserted islands. Like 10 Characters You Would Want with You on a Deserted Island... or NOT want with you. The most popular one: 10 THINGS You Would Want with you on a Deserted Island... or NOT want with you. And so on. Need I say more?

In reality, with my klutziness - really, I'm pretty klutzy, but they say breaking a stove with Ramen noodles takes talent - I would probably die within a few days on a deserted island. Honestly, my 10 things would include lots of wood, 24 pack of water, a water filter, a fishing pole, a pot/pan, a pile of books, etc. I think that's all I would need.

Perhaps I have a survival instinct after all. Oh right. You can't forget a knife. You know, for self defense and food purposes. I DO have a survival instinct. O_o

Anyhoo, moving on to the topic at hand. If I were stuck on a deserted island, what 10 spells would I want? Note: I'll try my best to use only the spells I do have... on my balance wizard.

Spectral Minion
Summons a minion of fire, ice or storm

If anyone's a balance wizard like me, the mander isn't exactly TOO helpful. It's helpful early on, but I honestly prefer one of the spectral minions. I especially love it when I get an ice minion when fighting a fire boss though... *rubs hands together evilly* But say I get attacked somehow on my little island. This spell just might save my life. Especially if I'm close to death...

Reshuffles all cards back into deck

If I run out of spells, I have no clue what to do. I mean, aside from sitting there and just twiddling my thumbs – unhappily – until I get killed. Or kidnapped. Become pirate kibble. Shark kibble. Dangerous sea creature kibble. Yep, I'm going to need at least one reshuffle handy. Unfortunately, with an update from a few months ago, we can only use reshuffle once. -_- Personally, I think that should only be valid during PvP. NOT during regular battle. When we're fighting things like catty rats in Gloomybone.

Sap Health
Sacrifice minion for 500 health

I know this might make me sound evil. But, when 1) I'm close to dying, 2) my minion's close to dying and 3) I have a fantabulous spell that could save me in the long run, I'm going murder my little minion to save my own life. No wonder I'm not in Abnegation.

Availing Hands
70 + 780 health over 3 rounds

Honestly, this is better than sprite. It just is. It's about as good as Satyr... except I'm not sure if I trained that. I'm pretty sure I didn't since 4 pips are a waste. Same for trying to get a Life Amulet from Waterworks, in which the bumble heads there haven't graced me with. -_-

Polymorph Gobbler (aka Farty)
Polymorph into an ice gobbler for 6 rounds

I'm pretty sure I have this. I mean, being a gobbler and have some handy ice spells? It's so cool. Plus, I might be able to give myself some fabulous tower shields and throw some tacos... No really! Although... I do think farting is involved. Still, it'll be handy to have, right?

Tower Shield
-50% to next incoming attack spell

Okay, let's face it. I'm pretty sure I have this as well. But if I don't I'm in the process... because having a shield against any school, including my own, is helpful. I also know that I'm probably the defensive type and not the offensive. Does offending anyone count?

Deal 100 balance attack per pip to target

Just so you know, Judgement's a force to be reckoned with. Especially if you add in gargantuan, feint, a balance blade, etc... and you might reach a million. If you do the math correctly... however that works. Anyways, with all of my defensive spells so far, I really need to choose some attacks. Really, I do. Or I'll get nothing done.

Target aura is destroyed dealing 535 balance attack

I've always thought Supernova was pretty. And a little too bright for that matter. But then again, actual supernovas ARE big. And bright. And they definitely don't look like the sun is burning. Like this particular spell... Plus, it's pretty much the only balance spell I know of that doesn't require a lot of pips and you can still pack quite a punch.

Spectral Blast
Deal 440 fire attack, 365 ice attack, or 550 storm attack to target

I've always liked it when this turns out to be a storm attack. Then again... it's a chance. The odds aren't always in my favor >_<


Deal 65-105 balance attack to target

When nothing goes as planned, send a bug. Enough said.

With all of that said, which spells would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island? If you want some ideas, feel free to take the test on Wizard101's website to find out which school you might belong into, and then check out Wizard101 Central Wiki for some spells!

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