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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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PvP or the Hunger Games?

Back in the golden days of July where summer wasn't nearly as hot as last year, I won the 2nd Twizard Hunger Games tournament. It was a pretty weird one – bear and all. Later I wondered if I would rather lose a PvP match, or be a tribute in the Hunger Games.

If I were in the Hunger Games, I probably wouldn't survive a few days. Maybe I can make a weapon out of anything or find food, but when it comes to being attacked or running... I'm so dead. Yes, I can find the weapon in most things. No, I don't trust mushrooms. As much as Will Herondale advices us to never trust ducks, I say never trust a mushroom.
Anyhoo, if I could choose a few allies, I would choose Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices, Prince Ash or Puck from The Iron Fey, Micah from Everlast, Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments, and Annabeth from Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus.

Still, I would probably be one of the first to die. Rats.

But let me be honest here: I'm a terrible PvP player. Actually, I'm pretty decent when I'm in a team, but I bring in quite a few problems with me as well. No drama needed. I must have been born with a dramatic air or something.

"Heyyyyy, are you an ice wizard?"

Everyone just loves that question, don't they? For some reason, no one clicks on my name and checks to see what school I am. They just ask. I'm blaming the colors I wear – black and blue. If anyone sings that one song by that one dude, I'll... I'll... burn bread! o_o

Peeta would be so disappointed. I'm no cook.

But see, the opponents see I'm wearing a single ounce of blue and I'm pretty much labeled as a threat. It certainly doesn't help when my health is considerably high... even though balance has the highest health right after ice. Technically if there's an ice or life wizard around, I'm probably in good hands... until you look at problem number 2.

I hate balance robe colors. Pink – too girly. Brown – notoriously ugly. Orange? Too bright. Purple? That's not even balance. "We better run. She's might start a storm!"

"You should kill her first. She's a healer!"

I totally feel the love.

Sometimes, people like to go straight into the meat of things – labeling me as bull's eye. Then they're all, CHARGEEEE! It happens – I heal someone on my team, and it's not even major. Yet... I got all eyes on me. The eyes aren't kind ones either – they're filled with murderous intent. Don't get fooled by the pretty pixels, guys!

Then when they successfully kill me – it's pretty hard to kill me since you have to set up all those traps and blades and wait for the big bad wolfy card to pop up at last and by that time I may have healed so the cycle repeats – said opponents might be grinning ear to ear. Maniac grins maybe. If they're dudes, they might be fist pumping or bumping chests or whatever it is guys do. Or if you're someone I know, you might start singing a victory song. "We are the champions..."

Life wizards would understand. They face it almost everyday. So do I. Only people want me as support AND healing. Pfft! *flips hair* I'll help if you ask nicely, thank you very much. Well, anyone would help if you ask nicely.

I'm making this post sound so gloomy – everyone wants to kill me in pixel world. I suppose for the right reason as well – I'm stuck trying to kill or be killed. But of course, most of the time stars are going around my spinny head. As much as I love stars and whatnot, I hate those type of stars. They basically say, "bye bye!"

Evil little twinklers. -_- I'd rather face those than float around in the world – staring and throwing stuff around and all – after dying in the Hunger Games.


So. Which would you prefer? Be the "big bad wolf" in PvP and lose a match – evil little twinklers and all – or would you rather test your luck as a tribute in the Hunger Games? If you do choose the latter, please enlighten me with your marvelous skills. ;)

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