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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Divergent: Wizard101 Style

In the past couple of years while reading the Divergent Trilogy, I started wondering a few things: what would it be like if Wizard101 were a dystopian? Or more specifically in this case, Divergent? Which schools would be in a certain faction? Which school(s) would be dangerous? What worlds would they possibly live in? What kind of names would the characters have? Those were just some of the questions I pondered on while making this particular post.


Fire/Storm = Dauntless
Life = Amity or Abnegation
Death = Huh. Erudite. It takes skill to do well with a death wizard, especially when they get to Lord Nightshade, who is apparently a death boss and resists death.
Ice = Candor. I'm not terribly sure why I did this.
Myth = The oddballs... where would you guys go? Maybe you should be Abnegation? You aren't selfless enough though... nor friendly enough. And most certainly not HONEST enough to be Candor.
Balance = Divergent, because they have spells from every class *runs away with other Balance wizzies* I shall pass as Candor (I think they wear blue? Or is that Erudite?), I shall pass as - oh, I'm bad at telling the truth 24/7. -_-

Myth/Life wizards, which one of you guys are more selfless or friendly, eh? Or would myth be equally Divergent?

Places of Residence

Dauntless = Dragonspyre or Azteca - Dragonspyre is typically fire-like, much like the symbol for Dauntless. I'm sure the initiates might have fun jumping across lava?
Abnegation = Wizard City - it will definitely have to be toned down to Gloomy Marleybone style to fit the simplicity of Abnegation
Erudite = Marleybone (hard to imagine? Think labs... frankenweenie or whatshisname), Krokotopia, or Wysteria - Pigswick Academy, after all, is a rival of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, which is apparently located in Wizard City. Unless it's the balance school.
Amity = Mooshu, or Avalon - both places look quite friendly and nice...
Candor = Mooshu - the music and the area seems quite serene and "honest" with the Shinto-like temples


I honestly tried to keep the names true to the characters. Of course, some names like Four and Tris are unfortunately not in the selection of names and I had to go by personality. Lots of fun if you ask me. >_<

Tris = Terri MistWeaver
Four = Talon (or Valkoor) LegendWielder
Christina = Christina TaleCatcher
Caleb = Caleb TrollWalker
Will = William OwlFist
Jeanine = Leesha SwiftWrath

Incorporating books using a gaming world is really weird and much like a TV Show: it's very open for exploring all kinds of possibilities. Thus, this is simply for entertainment. But any suggestions? Add to moi list! ^_^

Oh, and happy one year anniversary of Allegiant.
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