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Friday, May 1, 2015

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Clean Sweep ARC Challenge: To Poet or Not to Poet

Happy May, and welcome to one of the challenges for the Clean Sweep ARC Challenge hosted by the fabulous Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Back in November, if you joined in the Ho-ho-ho Readathon and stopped by here for the challenge (which was easy), you may have remembered me saying that I wasn't feeling... poetic.
Sadly, dearest readers, I'm feeling poetic. And you, fabulous reader, will be writing some poetry. I'm just not feeling up to poetic reviews, but that could pop up in the future.
  • All rules stated in the original challenge must be followed (read: if you haven't read it, which I assume you have, go and do so now. o_o).
  • You can only choose one option.
  • Just one poem per person please! :D
  • Styles of Poetry: Couplet, Limerick OR Haiku
  • You MUST follow the rules of the poetry style you choose. Rules can be googled.
  • There is a limit to the number of book titles you can use. Couplets and Haikus can use up to 6 books. Limericks can use up to 10 books (because a limerick is longer).
  • OF the limited number of books you choose, you can use any of the words on those titles. If "the" is used once, you can only use it once. If "on" is used five times, you can use it up to five times. However... those who choose to do a couplet or limerick can use up to five words that is not part of a title (because both have rhyming involved).
  • The books you choose must be a book you are using in the challenge.
  • Basically, you can scramble up the titles. Very different from Book Spine Poetry.
Email the style of poetry, the titles and authors of the books you are using, and your poem to bookwyrmingthoughts(at)outlook(dot)com. If you know my other email address, you're welcome to send it there as well. Also, please be sure to mention what your linky number is so I can check to see if you're a participant in the challenge.
PRIZE: Two $5 Amazon Gift Cards - The first gift card will go to the most creative poetry, the second will be randomly drawn.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Regardless of whether or not you write good poetry, good luck on knocking out those ARCs! Meanwhile, this particular blogger is amping up for finals. Go Trig!
Next year I'll say Go Calculus (and maybe say screw high school. Just kidding!).

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