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Thursday, July 2, 2015


April-June Quarterly Wrap-Up (Sophia Whipped this Up in 30 Minutes)

One part of me decided not to do a wrap-up - July is pretty full and I'm already chugging through August (that's how productive I am in the summer). A second part of me decided to do a wrap-up later... before school started. And a third part decided to do a wrap-up without all the bells and whistles (le reviews and whatnot).

Real Life

  • I got my ACT scores back. What's absolutely funny and maybe ironic? Math is my highest. I cannot Trig as well as I Geometry for the life of me. Fun fact: I'm getting sent to community college (only because my parents prefer I get a full ride scholarship). My mom's given up on her dreams of me being a doctor. I'll have better luck playing an Asian character.
  • I got a 2-in-1 stylus for my tablet. Should that stylus not be helpful, I always have a pen with me. I won't be trusting anyone with it.


  • I spent June catching up on ARCs. All of those are now done and I'm working through August (Sorry. Only requesting October-December.).
  • I've mapped out the rest of my summer reads. It includes book club (shockingly I've read the other two and just need to read Steelheart) and books on my Kindle (now tablet, which I call Tabby). Oh, and An Ember in the Ashes.
  • Shatter Me becomes a TV show. Lupe is currently fangirling nonstop. I actually do need to get around to Shatter Me.
  • Glass Sword is the title to Red Queen's sequel. Marvelous book. Simply marvelous. I haven't been surprised by endings in ages. *applauds Victoria Aveyard* You are definitely something I'm recommending to book club as soon as school starts.
  • I put a "bug" (of sorts) in a librarian's ear about Hello, I Love You. It's kpop. Maybe I'll write a post about song recommendations later in August since the blogging world is a bit intrigued. ;)
  • Biggest book since Deathly Hollow. I've found it! It's 698 pages worth of story and it'll be 700 if you put in the acknowledgements and about the author pages.


  • I got a domain!!! Lupe is my unfortunate guinea pig in trying to set up that whole email thing without making everyone leave their "home" servers. It also went a bit disastrous... let's just say Lupe ended up setting up my email as an alias by accident. Totally not acceptable. :p
  • Almost everything is out of date. Excuse me if I ignore any requests - we're pretty much operating behind the scenes. Oops. Hopefully everything will be updated in early August...
  • Ella and Lupe celebrate their first blogoversary! (Ella blogs over at Once Upon a Bookish Time and Lupe at Catching Bookz).
  • Us bloglings here at Bookwyrming Thoughts are currently whipping up a series of group posts.
Reviews, Discussions, And Other Blogging Shenanigans
  • The 5th Wave - I totally DNFed it and the world now knows it. I am not ashamed.
  • Letters, letters, and more letters! - The Winner's Crime. Tomorrow I write a letter to Soul Possessed by Katlyn Davis.
  • I need to play around with more parallel worlds - with audio and physical/electronic. - A Thousand Pieces of You and The Corridor
  • Snow Like Ashes - I never thought I would ever cheer for both sides of a love triangle again. Also... it got chosen by book club for the summer. Eeep! ^_^
  • Gathering Frost - I've found the Sleeping Beauty retelling of my dreams.
What's up in your world?

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