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Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Wizardly Whatnots: Halloween Edition

Well, wizardly peoples, I'm back after approximately three years.

Not... really. I figured instead of doing a book-related post, I would do something a little different. (Pictures? Yay!) But I've only decided that I'll be playing just once or twice a week for the purposes of "annoying" Marissa Petal, assuming I don't have anything of importance that I need to do right away (like proofreading one of Ella's or Lupe's posts).
Anyways, in the three years I've been gone (despite the fact I occasionally checked on updates through the website), I've found I missed a lot of things. Level 100 (I predict that I might actually hit 6,000 in health if not close when I get there), ultras (something to do with pets), teleboxes, lost pages, etc.

Oh, and Barkingham. Also known as Buckingham Palace. In the short little time I had, I went through a telebox or two.
I also went through Barkingham, where I came across a life boss I end up nicknaming Captain Afro. Below is just a thug.
I fought a ninja cat (forgot where, so it must have been a telebox). I still think samurai raccoons are cooler (Cole Gibsen would probably agree).
I found my dorm room in a very festive feel... after the boxes, of course. I find I like it snowing year-round. Also, there's Milos Bookwyrm in all his bobble glory – the inspiration behind Bookwyrming Thoughts's blog name. I don't even remember how I did the floating candles, but I have no intention of ever removing them. (They look really cool, okay?)
That wing is not an extension of my face. I suppose Bella wanted to say hi.

Finally, for a Halloween quest I went through that one cave in Haunted Cave (But of course. A cave in a cave.) where baby carrots and other vegetables aren't necessarily good for you. Leading the "unspoiled" veggies was no other than Ian Stormstaff's (Watch Hallow) evil twin. I did get a patched bunny in return, though...

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Sophia Waterheart

Sophia Waterheart is one of Sophia's main characters and is technically a retired wizard (she pops up here and there), even though she is still in the Twizard community. Contrary to what many people think, her character does not have green hair. She comes up with the occasional gaming post, but has ultimately decided her true passion lies in sharing her thoughts on things related to books. She may or may not consider finding a replacement.