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Monday, November 2, 2015


Bookwyrming Thoughts is Three! (Twitter Giveaway!)

Oh my blogging eyes. I'm three. THREEEEEE.
And I still feel tiny, little, and minuscule. Despite the fact Lupe says I should "technically" be a blogging expert, I REFUSE to acknowledge that because I still feel as tiny as can be. I WILL acknowledge that I'm more of an expert than Lupe. That's all I can say.

Thus, the gushing shall now begin.
Lupe – You are simply marvelous, both inside and outside the intrawebs. Thank you for listening to me prattle my woes and complaints to you, even though I know full well you're rolling your eyes exasperatedly at me and want to reach through your phone just to strangle me. It's an absolute joy having you. Seriously. Even if you don't blog as much unless I jump on your tail every once in awhile about it. I don't think I'll be kicking you out for awhile. (Read: We are totally keeping in touch after high school. Even if I hate The Fifth Wave and haven't read Shatter Me.)

Ella You survived an ENTIRE year with me!!! That's a huge deal. I can't send you anything without feeling creepy, so I'll give you cake. Lots and lots of virtual chocolate cake in the shape of the mad hatter. Also, you now have a Twitter (VICTORY!). Cait and everyone else (including me, though I didn't exactly pressure you) involved in pressuring you to get one have finally succeeded in our mission. (We're wise influences.)

Marissa Petal – That's right, I'm thanking you. And now you're going to squish me as you ask me why I'm publicly thanking you. So here's why: I'm thanking you for our conversations on Wizard101, of course. *hug/punch* Oh, and you owe me pictures from Orlando. When you go, of course. AND I'M HOLDING YOU TO YOUR WORD, OKAY?

Ian Stormstaff – It only makes sense I put you straight after Marissa because we both conspired in the mission of making her read Harry Potter. It's about time. Now the question is, has she read Percy Jackson? >:3 (This we might have to conspire with Autumn Dreamwalker and possibly Edward Lifegem and Kelsey Fireheart.)

Jillian – You are a fabulous duck. Never trust one. Also, Will Herondale is mine. I HAVE PUBLICLY DECLARED IT.

Everyone I've met through Twitter Chats – Empress Liran, Grace, Tamara, Brittany, Gabi, Alexandra. I really think I shouldn't thank you and just thank my tablet because it's the cause of my meeting you through these Twitter chats. And then I should really thank Rachel because she randomly asked the same question on what RQWN is right when I was on. The ball got rolling from there. I'm not sure I will ever forgive her for this transgression. :p

Have I missed anyone? I know I missed someone. I swear I may have missed ten people that I should be thanking. You can berate me for forgetting you. I'M SORRY.
Many squishes and hugs to everyone who has been around at some point in my blogging life – I know I forgot a lot of you, so I ask for forgiveness. And of course, for the silent readers who don't actually comment much, I plan on squishing you in the hug as well.

As for the giveaway... look for it later today on Twitter (when I'm actually awake) to win any ebook of choice ($10 or lower). Giveaway is international and ends November 10.

EDIT: Here's the giveaway!

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