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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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DNF Review - Light Spark: Love's Divide by Gabriel Requadt

Light Spark Love's Divide Gabriel Requadt

Light Spark #1
Gabriel Requadt
Publication Date: April 23, 2015
Publisher: Page Publishing

The legend of the long awaited Light Spark. The warrior who’s arrival is anticipated by the universe. When the darkness tries to prevail over the light once again; it is he who must arise. Wielding the sword with the soul of the elements, where can one find this mythical hero in such a time of need? Look no farther than the young sassy prince of Arcudia, Larz. When his planet is invaded by the dastardly cruel master of darkness, Exxion, for Larz it is merely a time to be ruler and protect his land. The reality of the situation becomes apparent when his wife, Elluna, is kidnapped in the process of the attack. Once he finds out he is the legendary Light Spark, his journey becomes much more than a quest to save his soul mate, Elluna.

And so book club decides to rub in my face that I read 26 pages of The Fifth Wave but doesn't do so with Light Spark, which I only read 25 pages. I actually wanted to stop at approximately 12 pages in, but that wouldn't do the book any justice.

But I swear, they're just trying to pick on little authors.

Okay, the two who enjoy "torturing" me agree with me. I have Snow Like Ashes above their heads. One of them has that AND Zeroboxer. I'm the cause of their fanning! Even if they won't ever, ever admit it. But that’s okay. I’m insulted. >_<

Here's why I didn't continue Light Spark:

No pronunciation guide or glossary in the book, which would have been extremely helpful to have. Words such as Aucudia and Exxion, and I'm pretty sure a glowing blue thing around a sword is involved that I don't even remember the name for. Mons luna? O_O
I just butchered that like my mother butchers most people's names. I'm great with guessing the pronunciation of most words, but that does not mean everyone is like me. I'll tell you right now that is far too many – imagine: over seven billion! Mind = BLOWN.

Larz and Darz. I half expected Marz to pop out of the pages in my face. In fact, I thought it was part of the culture, and expected Larz's and Elluna's future kid to be named between the varying lines of Delluna and Warz. What a fantastic play of words.
(I'm not allowed to complain about Marz. Bookwyrm derived from a changing letter in bookworm. But I'm terrible at blog naming, and there was no such thing as Bookwyrming Thoughts until late 2012, so that's okay, right?)

Language – too casual. Yes, it's been discussed Requadt has a purpose to the casual language being used in Light Spark. I just feel it's a little too casual to use something like, "HOW YA DOIN, MAN!" (fist bumps ensue) in a fantasy book. (Gabriel does not necessarily use those words exactly – that's just my example of how the language is used casually.)

And the first chapter started out with such elegant prose, it was too formal (I sort of liked it, honestly). I do, however, applaud Gabriel for keeping readers in mind with the language and taking the overly formal path where it is blatantly obvious and weird and just sticks out like a random thimble being worn outside of sewing.
Too much cheese. The villain? *dons evil little hat from a galaxy far, far away* "Muahahaha, watch out little good guy, I'm going to take over your planet soon! Muahahaha." *marches upon ship with flourish* Prepare to depart, minions.
Anyways, back to the cheese grilling (cheesy joke time: grilled cheese sandwiches! Get it?). The fight scenes, unfortunately, were boring. Slash, slash, slice, slice.

Okay, that sounds worse than it really is. Regardless, the fight scenes just didn't feel as awesome as I hoped.

Too cheery. The beginning of the book is so happy, I felt nauseous. Everyone gets along just dandy and the entire planet is happy, happy, happy.
Most of that being thrown together? Nope, not going to work out too well with me. Especially that really happy aspect all over. Of course, it gets darker. Did I want to stick around? No. I was done at villain cheeseburger.

And here I hoped my good reading streak would continue.

1 Owl

Note: Originally, I did not want to write a review, primarily due to the fact that as one of the very, very few reviews out there over this book, I could potentially hurt the author (I am technically the only unbiased review). However, via the school librarian, Gabriel did want to see a review, despite the negativity (wish granted).

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