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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Where I Put Aside Bookish Endeavors to Thank...


Quite literally, food. And the very fact that I'm that person who, when someone mentions "food" in a Twitter chat, will quite literally make everyone hungry by tweeting out funny food gifs.
I'm also feeling a little bored today. And all the people I've thanked? They're pretty much in my blogoversary post (and then some). I'm at a disadvantage when I started blogging in November of 2012.

So instead of thanking people, I'm making everyone hungry by thanking food. Maybe a few bloggers will be mentioned. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* (Okay, only one.)

1. Potatoes

One cannot simply go about life without trying a potato. I think Faye will agree.
Look! A singing potato!

2. Chocolate

Enough said. For a person who can't handle a lot of sweets, I can definitely handle chocolate. There has got be a scientific explanation for this.

3. Oranges

Okay, I don't like all oranges, but I have a particular fondness for mandarin oranges (they're adorable). It's really not because I speak Mandarin.

4. Eggs

Well, it IS good for you.

5. Corn

I couldn't help myself.

6. Pie

Sorry, guys, but you can't get away from pie... unless you prefer math?
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