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Monday, February 29, 2016


Leaping Through Time: Where Would Sophia Go?

Maybe this apocalypse fever is finally breaking.

Happy Leap Day! Since this is a semi-rare occurrence in my blogging career, I'm obviously not planning on missing out on posting today (because hellooooo, I might not be around blogging wise four years from now).

And as the first sentence, and the post title, suggests, this is definitely not a post in relation to the apocalypse. This post has something to do with time traveling! Hooray!
Unfortunately, there's not much I can actually do with time travel unless I actually have the ability to travel time. But for this post, let's assume that I have the ability to time travel. In fact, since today is Leap Day, let's just pretend everyone has the ability to leap across time.

I also imagine Ella protesting about not being invited to contribute to this discussion because as she likes to say, she's a history nut.

In time travel, there's plenty of history related things we can do, so open up the history books, turn to page 9 and ¾, and let's go for a few leaps through time.

Present Day
Our very first stop is good old modern day with technology and blogging. You probably know what happens here and uh... I wouldn't want to visit today. Or this year, for that matter, because I just hate politics. Did I really have to turn eighteen this year?

1800s London
Home of the Steampunks. If I had to wear any type of fashion torture device, I would choose corsets over heels. Heels make me fall. Corsets do not make me fall.

The Sinking of the Titanic
Even though I exist a century later for Titanic 2.0, I am obviously not interested on being aboard because the second version is a replica (and really, I think it's a bit of a bad idea to play with fate like that). Everything from Titanic 1.0 is going to be the same in 2.0 aside from the hopeful ability of not sinking or crashing into an iceberg like the first one and the destinations are definitely not the same.
I'll be sure to be on deck and close to a lifeboat.

Post World War II in Amsterdam
Aside from the sinking of the Titanic, World War II is another period in history that I'm deeply fascinated in for some really weird and possibly twisted reason I don't know. Do I even want to know?

Anyways... I've always wanted to see the Anne Frank House.

Eh... why not? (Obviously before it blows up.)
Ancient Rome
Only when Rome was a thriving empire, not when it was starting to fall apart into two separate empires. I really think I'm just interested in seeing the architecture there.
Library in Egypt
Yep! The one during Alexander the Great's time in Cairo or Alexandria in Egypt. I have a sad memory when it comes to history sometimes.
The Renaissance in Italy
Let's fast forward centuries into Italy, where we basically revive Greek and Roman techniques... right?

Anyways, sad history memory aside, BEST. ARTWORKS. EVER. DaVinci, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo....

I'm obviously not going to be in the history books, but I sometimes want to go back in time to my early blogging self and reprimand her for all the mistakes and embarrassments that happened.
Back to Present Day
Only so I can continue living my life.

All right, travelers, it's your turn. When and where would you travel to?

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