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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


On Blogging Organization: Finding the Time to Read

I don't have a reading schedule.
I wing my reading as much as Lupe, Ella, and I wing our post scheduling for plenty of reasons.
  1. My work schedule is Willy Wonka on paper. There's no way I'll know ahead of time when I'm on and when I'm off. Now, however... I think I know ahead of time, but it's not exactly... confirmed until the schedule is actually up.
  2. I'm a student. I'm also one of those weirdos who do their homework at the last minute. In a really odd way, I end up finding the time to actually do what I really need to do.
  3. At any moment I can get called into work. It ruins my reading time.
All reading schedules I attempt to make are basically outlines for me to get a fabulous idea on what I need to read next. Besides, I don't read one book at a time either, I read between three to five books at one time – in fact, the most I've read at one time is seven (that went down to four books really quickly).

A very mad thing for me to do, but when I have required reading and want to do my own reading all at the same time, I had to learn early on that reading multiple books was the way to go to keep my own sanity and good grades (unless it's a biblical question in relation to the book, which I always, always fail).
Of course, that only applies during the school year. It's worked decently in my high school years, but I'm not exactly sure how this will change in college (maybe I will be able to make a reading schedule by then, or I'll be so busy I won't even have time to read and all I'll chug out are discussions).

In the summer (and during breaks), however....

I still wing it. I read between one to three books at one time. Physical books are almost always my own choosing. I can't always focus on reading ARCs and review copies around the clock – blogging would be boring by that point! It's also one of the main reasons why I only accept electronic copies for review. (Okay, now I accept physical copies, but on a case-by-case basis.)

I definitely have a schedule in place, but I don't actually follow it strictly. The reading schedule is simply an outline of what I plan on doing each particular day – what I'm reading, when I'm writing reviews, when I work, when I catch up with reading, when I get to fool around and do whatever I want within the lawfully abiding premises.
I find it perfectly okay for me to break my own schedule of my own will – I might be ahead, I might be behind, and I'm okay with that. Have I mentioned I'm no seer?

And if I don't actually have the time during the day to read, I take about thirty minutes to an hour after everyone else goes to sleep before I pull out my tablet and read.

Problem: I gradually lose sleep. I'm one of those people who has to sleep – a lot. Six hours or eight hours allow me to operate, but I'll be yawning on and off all day long. It's not until I get nine or ten hours of sleep that I'm actually decent enough not to yawn all day long.
Anyways, I do my nightly reading every other week. One week I stay up late and read – don't tell my mother – and the next week I actually sleep. The cycle then repeats. I don't necessarily follow this cycle all the time. It all depends if I'm feeling awake or not. Better than staring at the ceiling for three hours.

So here's my ultimatum: you don't necessarily need a reading schedule to organize yourself. Use a reading schedule as an outline. Be sure to keep important dates in mind, especially when it comes to ARCs (in my case, I try, but I end up getting behind by a few months). Also, reading schedules aren't necessarily for everyone. Give it a go, see if it works out, and wing it if it doesn't. ^o^

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