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Monday, February 15, 2016

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Things You Should Never Tell Bosses (Not That They Have Comebacks, though...)

Happy President's Day, and welcome to the first gaming post of the year, inspired by Vanessa @ The Untold Spiral's recent post about 25 A Boss Would Never Say Aloud. This particular post, however, focuses on the other end of the spectrum: Things You Should Never Tell Bosses.


2. "You have something I want and I'm going to fight until you relinquish your hold."

3. "You have the cheesiest cheats I've ever encountered."

4.  "All plans to take over the spiral will be put to a stop right here, right now."

5. "I have far more powerful reinforcements to back me up."

6. "Every day, someone beats you to a bloody pulp."

7. "You will NEVER succeed!"

8. "I have mana burn. Your auras will not last long."

9. "Don't underestimate my measly little health."

10. "You were never born – you were created, and you have been set up to fail from that first moment."

11. "I thought you were more powerful than this."

12. "I have a pet that can do cool tricks!"

13. "I need gold and you're the best person to get it from."

14. "I came to visit. How does that make you feel?"

15. "Looks can be deceiving." *sing songs* "Now watch me whip... and watch me cast a deadly blow."

16. "Just trying to get the infamous One in a Million badge."

17. "All talk and no walk. Smh."

18. "How long have you been in this place again?"

19. "I wish I could get you out, but it turns out we have a bit of a disagreement."

20. "There are no negotiations, no compromises, and certainly no arguments. That means no ifs, ands, or buts."

21. *sing songs* "Ashes, ashes, you all go down!"

What should you never say to a boss?

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