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Monday, March 14, 2016

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The Truth About Soloing - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

One attribute I bring from my life and into nearly everything I do online (including the occasional gaming I do that doesn't involve Marissa Petal squishing me virtually) is independence.

I solo everything... or nearly everything. Bosses like Belloq and Luska are those I can't actually handle unless I'm in a group (unfortunately for me, I had to deal with a boss from my very own school just to get my recent spell). By then I become a support or the person who takes the blunt of the attacks rather than actually attacking. Let's just say I have really high resistance for the whole target aspect. Would I ever reveal it? No....

A great majority, however... I can definitely handle, and being a soloist definitely has perks that I enjoy utilizing.

1. You go at your own pace. No catching up or waiting needed.

2. Technically, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. If you feel the need to farm, quest at midnight (who doesn't like the silence of the realms and getting all the wooden/silver chests to themselves?), visit Malistaire, join a team to farm the Loremaster....

3. You know what works for you and what doesn't. You have a deck for trivial creatures, lower level bosses, and the upper level bosses, and possibly more than that. Maybe you have a combination in one.

4. No one asks for blades or healing aside from yourself. I don't mind giving blades or healing – in fact, I do them without asking sometimes. But there's a fine line between asking, begging, and demanding.

5. It doesn't take as long to get around to choosing your card compared to two, three, or four other people.

6. No one takes away the traps that are set up, accident or no accident.

7. Awkward silence doesn't exist in the air.

8. You really can't be embarrassed if you meant to reply to a friend but say it out loud. No one can hear you, after all.

9. When all else fails... wing it.

But being a soloist also has some setbacks that aren't exactly... helpful. Sometimes, it becomes a hindrance.

1. You can't really handle upper level bosses that are from the same school as you unless you have a mastery amulet, an upper level balance (spectral blast, hydra, and beyond), crowns to hire henchmen (which are nuisance sometimes), or just really lucky. In fact, you might not be able to handle lower level bosses from the same school. Okay, you can totally handle bosses from your own school. It'll just take a really long time (even if I spectral blast and hydra all the time), and it could potentially lead to a lot of virtual deaths.

2. You have to carry around all kinds of outfits and equipment because each one is different. You have one for mobs, defense only, healing and support, attacking only, bosses from your own school, PvP (if you fancy it), you name it.

3. You have to be on constant alert of your dwindling health (I mean, aren't we always?)

4. Every attack and weakness is directed at you.

5. It can be really lonely sometimes. Of course, when you're like me and haven't played in years, then it's obviously lonely.

6. You have to create your own strategy.

7. It can vary from a short battle to a very long battle. Mobs are typically shorter, bosses are longer, dungeons are the longest, and it'll be quicker if you're levels and levels ahead (like me in Mount Olympus).

8. Your friends can't always port in if you're in a dungeon.... no matter how much you're mentally crying because you're low on health and so is the boss and it's just really hard to tell who will come out alive.

9. You can only have so many emergency treasure cards set aside for healing. Oh, and wait until you use them up, forget to fill them and when you actually need those cards...

10. There might not be enough gold to get proper equipment. Let's just say this applies for the first timers. After that first wizard and you make more little baby wizards... it becomes really easy to hop onto your main, beat up a boss a million times, put useless items in the shared bank, switch characters, get those items out, and sell them. Puh-lease. You've never done this before?

11. Luck isn't necessarily on your side.

Soloing is usually a lonely journey around the spiral. Do you solo? What are some perks and setbacks that you find while soloing?

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