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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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The Truth About Teams - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As confessed several weeks ago, I love soloing. I love doing everything on my own and coming up with my own strategy that may or may not work. Although in the case of the Lower Zigzag in Krokotopia... I'm still having trouble going through all of that.

But for the last few months, I got a little bored of soloing. I hate going through crowded realms in the hopes of someone teaming up with me randomly because they're on the same exact quest, farming, or just going around for the fun of it all. That last one isn't likely. So in the random hunt for the cure of boredom, I decided to go mess around with the Join A Team function and wrote a counter post to "The Truth About Soloing." I forgot about mentioning henchmen in the post until someone pointed it out to me the other day...

The Handy Dandy Advantages

Make friends that you may or may not have come across in other ways. Of course, being a high level means all the lower levels will probably try to add you constantly and being a lower level gives you few high level friends if any.

Help out other wizards and say the good deed of the day is done. I don't mind helping out lower level wizards, but as a level 88 sorcerer, I won't be found anywhere lower than Dragonspyre (and soon enough, I won't be found any lower than Celestia).

Farm with others, especially if the boss is from the same school. Helloooooo Loremaster. One of my newer friends has awful luck and it somehow carried over to me... I ended up with all balances fighting the Loremaster and I was the highest level so everyone looked at me to finish her off.

Keeps you out of boredom. This whole thing started when I was bored.

Go back to the old times. It's been awhile since I've been through Waterworks; I'm obviously going to mess up. But I'm not going to complain too much about messing around with that one cat once more after climbing Big Ben. Who cares about his name? Let's just call him Meow Cat.

It's an entirely different perspective. Someone who solos most of the time doesn't get the same experience as someone who constantly teams up with others and vice versa. And with an entirely different perspective....

New strategies can be learned. Everyone has a different idea and one person's idea might help for future battles as well. Mind = Blown.

I'm not always the target because there is at least one other potential target. I don't have to watch for my health dwindling constantly. I don't have to focus on healing myself constantly and prolonging the battle.

Things are done quicker. It typically takes less time when there are more people around.

Less henchmen are used. You can't really tell a henchman what to do. Not that you can do that with someone else either. Even if you're just suggesting a different idea, some people aren't open minded.

The Epically Unfortunate Disadvantages

Not all high level wizards are helpful (or even kind). The other day when I went on my myth, I went through that one lab before Big Ben. I (and someone else) had to go through it all over again because a certain high level powered through and didn't wait for the rest of us. You'd think they would at least prolong the battle.

Different Strategies Might Be At Play. With more than one person, there is no singular strategy. It's a constant whirl of adapting and adjusting. Then again, it's not like I have a strategy when I solo. I have a general one and wing the rest of it.

Those "Precious" Traps Might Be Used. Not everyone likes it when someone else uses their traps. Some throw a fit, some don't care, some just leave.

The Whole Quicker Battle Idea Might Backfire. There may be four people, but what if all of them are from the same school and the boss is from the same school?

Bad luck could still carry over. Remember that one friend I mentioned earlier? His luck definitely carries to all other places.

Interrogations Questioning might be involved. After I got tired of the Loremaster, I decided to help out in Dragonspyre. In one random battle, someone actually questioned why I was in Dragonspyre. DOES ANYONE EVER UNDERSTAND I'M DOING MY GOOD DEED OF THE DAY? I had the tendency to fire back and ask why she was in that location when she obviously just got started in Dragonspyre and should be at the first quarter to midway point, not three quarters of the way through.

Someone might leave in the middle, which may or may not pose a few problems. I'll admit I felt guilty for leaving someone in Mount Olympus halfway through (hey, I have a life, albeit a very sad one). I still do, because I never got around to helping him go through it all over again.

Have you tried using "Join A Team?" How did it work out for you? Anything that I might have forgotten in the process?

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