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Saturday, April 23, 2016

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Nefarious Tales - Villainous Powers of the Awesome Spectrum: I HAVE POWERS. MUAHAHA.

More Mischief and Mayhem
*whistles* It's been a long while since I've written a post... on the weekend of all days. Senioritis has been kicking in a little. I have 3-4 AP English projects I should totally get around to in approximately two weeks....

But anyways. Villains. Villainous powers. The awesome ones, not the horrible ones. The ones I would love to have, if only I were villainous enough to acquire them. I'd like to say I'm quite crabby, but there are apparently a few people out there who say I'm nice. Oddities.

First off, teleportation. Regardless of my villain status (or lack thereof), teleportation is one power I would actually love to have despite its simplicity. The ability to go from one place to another quickly is one really helpful power to have.
It'll take awhile to get my bearings as a klutz.
I mean, think about it. I can wake up at 7:15am rather than 6:30am and still make it to school on time. If I somehow decide to to take over the world, I can escape quickly and easily (assuming there aren't any hiccups, but let's pretend for the sake of this post that everything goes along very smoothly). I can sneak up behind Lupe (or any friend) and scare her sporadically.

Basically... I don't have to worry about being late. Like, ever. I might even accomplish more with more free time...

Not of this magnitude, of course.
Okay. I am a small person. Not very small, but I'm not considered tall either. Sometimes I like being short, but sometimes... I'd like to have a few more additional inches added...

Oh, and gods forbid I ever wear heels. I don't even want to think about the risk of me faceplanting.

But telekinesis. Ability to move things with the mind. For someone who is small and can't carry heavy items, this power is next on my list of must haves. It's not like I'll always have someone tall around, much less a tall boy to boot.

And if I need to move a person or two out of the way.... hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, and all the other members of the kinesis family won't help me. Unless I'm trying to drown or burn them, but that can be done with telekinesis as well. No worries. I got this down pat.
Yes... definitely helpful to have at my disposal.
Also... have I mentioned I'm pretty independent? I try not to ask for help unless I really need the help - I just think it's better for me to learn if I do it myself rather than someone telling me. I suppose I'm a hands on person.

Now you see me...
Now you don't.
When teleportation fails, invisibility is key to escaping. And well... espionage, because teleportation doesn't help with camouflage.

Okay... this might be a little overboard if I decide to combine this with the top three I've already mentioned (and this is when the list becomes harder and I have to look up powers.... o_o)

But I am a klutz, after all. It only makes sense... right?

THIS. Is the primary reason why I would conspire with Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elites by Marie Lu. If teleportation and invisibility doesn't work...
I suppose making someone think that I don't exist might work (or maybe I could be part of the wall)?

Of course, there are plenty of powers out there - I've only named my top five (primarily due to procrastination on my part and if I named all the powers I wanted... this post would be way too long). Others I would love to have as a power consist of travelling through time, understanding all languages (omnilingual?), and changing sizes (as if my petite size isn't enough). So here's my question for you this weekend....

What powers would you want as a villain? Comment away! Maybe I'll team up with you and spare your life.

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