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Friday, July 8, 2016

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Fangirl Friday: Pokémon GO Review and House Sortings

I'm pretty sure we are walking into a new era of technology or gaming world considering the fact I caught Charmander in the middle of my room. Such a sweet concept I might say. 

This new Pokémon GO app is literally a hot new thing right now for every hardcore Pokémon fan out there, like myself. I grew up playing with Pokémon and had always wanted to have my own Pikachu pet with me at all times. I mean, who didn't want to have a Pokémon

So I took a chance and downloaded the app myself to see if this was worth the hype. Everyone I know have already downloaded it so it was a matter of time I did too.

It was easy to install and get the game started. I got to style my character from a very small selection of hats, backpacks and clothing. That blue/silver hair is making me want to dye my hair that color. I might just do it.

I got to name my character but it took awhile because SOMEONE already stole my name so I had to name my character that included some numbers in it. UGH. The problem of having a common name. 

Now this trainer dude, that I have forgotten his name, is introducing me to this magical universe of this app. I honestly didn't pay attention to what I was reading. I just wanted to catch them all!

Here we go and until this day, I have only caught two from the comfort of my own home. I only have Charmander and Eevee. I haven't gone out of my house all day to even play around with the app yet.

Yes. The point of this app is for you to go out there, abandon your laptop (Yes, I know.) and go catch some of these Pokémon. That's the best part. You get to have this crazy experience and finally get to go out there and build you own collection. 

Here comes the negative things I have to say about this app. It's great and all but I can't log back in because it says something about the servers having some issues and for me to come back later. I mean, I checked back later duh but it still says the same message. I know it's new and all but I'm sure I'm not the only impatient one about this. 

Overall, I would download it but be aware that you might have some trouble logging back in. It's a great concept and all but we just gotta wait for them to update this app in order to fix this. 


Let's talk about the other end of the spectrum. Yes. That's right. Hogwarts.

Isn't this picture ADORABLE?!?!?!?

Now there's this new quiz I've heard about a couple of days ago called the Ilvermorny House quiz. I have been meaning to take it but I haven't gotten around to it yet until Sophia reminded me to take it. Like everyone else is, she was dying to know my results. I'm sure you are wondering that right at this moment.

If I'm going to mention what Ilvermorny House I'm in then I might as well mention what Hogwarts House I'm in. 

I'm in Ravenclaw and Thunderbird.

Guess who is also in Ravenclaw AND in Thunderbird? 
That's right, Sophia and Ella are! Well OK, Ella is in Ravenclaw but she is in Pukwudgie.
I mean we are all Ravenclaw right?

The quizzes were fun and now I want to know what houses you guys are in! Tell me below in the comments and also tell me what Pokémons you've already caught with the new app! 

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