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Sunday, July 17, 2016

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Novel Newcomers (Late Edition): Guest Post with Wren @ The Litaku

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Happy Sunday! As you might have noticed... I've slacked off yet again (except when you've scheduled so many posts on a tablet, you start getting pretty darn tired of doing that so...). I don't know how Nori and the people of Novel Newcomers 2016 assigned with me are dealing with me. Hopefully I'll be better at this next year. I make no promises because then I'll be held to that... but I can definitely promise the next NN16 post here is actually very much on time.

My other excuse is driving lessons, trying to transition into college, and making plans with Lupe and Ella to add on another coblogger to Bookwyrming Thoughts (look for that tomorrow if you're interested!). Somewhat exciting news... (okay, the driving lessons are scary).

That aside, allow me to introduce Wren from The Litaku, who will take over the rest of this post.

The Fight of the Century: Anime vs. Books

Hi, I'm Wren. I'm your guest poster today.

You may or may not know that I adore anime. But I also love books. This is a warring part of my life since the two of them are kinda time consuming. So I decided to settle the score once and for all: with a pros and cons list. (Does anyone else get the 'How I Met Your Mother' reference? No? No?)

Pro Anime:
Anime has a lot more visuals. Instead of using your imagination, everything is set out in front of you. You can see what characters look like. This is better for fan arts since you don't have to guess what a character or setting looks like. Books give out subtle pieces of information, but if you don't pay attention, you might miss it. Which is tough for fan fiction and fan art.

But my favorite part of the visuals is that you can see the amazing settings. The fantasy animes have great settings. Gorgeous realms. It steals my breath every time. I love it.

Anime is short and easy to watch. Yes, anime can be 24 minutes long and have 20 episodes, but it's much easier to binge-watch anime in my opinion. I can sit down and just watch.

For me, I read only a few times a day. But anime is easier to make time for. Especially with lunch being 30 minutes long.

I also love the OPs/OST (The former stands for opening song/animation, and the latter is short for Original SoundTrack.) These are so amazing.

Book playlists just aren't enough. Songs can be shared between books, but animes typically have their own special songs. Not always made for the anime but typically not re-used.

Many of the songs on my phone are anime Ops/EDs/OSTs.

Pro Books:
With books, you can imagine more. The sky's the limit. I love that. Fan art can be taken to the extremes.

A quick example. Remember how everyone got riled up when the 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' released photos of Hermione, Harry, and Ron? And people got mad over the black Hermione thing? Well, JK Rowling never stated that Hermione was white.

Things like this are open to interpretation. Anything is possible.

Books are more diverse than anime. Books have different races and different genders and different sexualities. We are moving towards the diverse world we live in.

But anime still makes fun of LGBTQIA. There are many yaoi and yuri animes that are basically fan service. Books are way more accepting. Plus, anime seems to always antagonize the US. I know there are problems with the US, but this is too much.

And, thankfully, there isn't any fanservice/hentai/ecchi in books. Sure, there are erotica books, but it isn't breasts shoved into your face. Admittedly, I don't mind the 'Free!' boys' nice abs. Because I But I have problems with bursting busts and the overusage of cameltoes. And why is it just the girls that are shown like this?

This is my decision. Currently, as I write this post, I am pro-anime. I focus more on anime, and, as you can tell, my blog The Litaku is way more anime than books. But I still can appreciate a good book every now and then.

What's your decision? Anime or books?

For more anime and book related posts, be sure to visit Wren's blog, The Litaku! You can also find him on Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.
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