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Sunday, August 7, 2016

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Bookwyrming Thoughts Is Going on a Trial Run!

Hello everyone!

Several weeks ago, we announced that we were looking for another addition to join Bookwyrming Thoughts with Ella, Lupe, and me. We also mentioned that we were going to take a few people from the pool of applicants (who were all amazing in their own way, but unfortunately we can't take all of you) and kidnap them for a trial run for the next four weeks.

From the amazing people who applied, we've taken on three people - and we can't wait to see what they come up with, and who will ultimately join us here at Bookwyrming Thoughts! (Plus, it's our very first trial run, so we're excited about that as well.)
I mean, most (if not all) of us are actually Ravenclaws (okay, the current Bookwyrming Thoughts crew minus guest contributor and trial bloggers), but we'll accept this Gryffindor cheer.

We also decided to take on one guest contributor who will be making an appearance occasionally. The three trial run cobloggers and guest contributor will now introduce themselves!
~ Sophia

Mari is a spunky college student who enjoys reading, writing, singing and gaming. She has been writing for blogs, roleplays, and her own works for several years. She is meme trash and enjoys to sleep and eat chicken nuggets. This girl can be a weirdo at times but has no shame for being weird.

Hi everyone! I’m Anelise and I have been in love with reading my entire life. I don’t really have any presence in the book community other that Goodreads so I’m an unknown person. I live in Ohio, but was born in China and got adopted into an Asian-American family (half Chinese, half Korean). Other that reading, I’m obsessed with music. I mostly listen to alternative and rock, but will listen to anything I deem a ‘good song’ and not terrible. Because of that, I’m not a huge fan of pop music as I just don’t like the songs. A few of my favorite artists include Fall Out Boy, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Imagine Dragons, and Green Day.

As for reading, I read YA and MG and my favorite genre is fiction. I mostly read high fantasy, but read others like realistic, historical, mystery, adventure, etc. Nonfiction is my least favorite genre. I’m not interested in nonfiction because I use reading to “escape” reality, so reading nonfiction won’t really help me. A few of my favorite series are Keeper of the Lost Cities, The Lunar Chronicles, The Orphan Queen duology, HP and PJ.

Sorry if this intro is a bit long, I swear it was supposed to be shorter, but oh well. Oh, and also here’s something you should know about me: I have almost zero creativity. Albert Einstein once said that “creativity is intelligence having fun” so I guess my intelligence doesn’t like having fun. Well, whatever. I hope I can meet some of you people that are reading this crappy intro and, well yeah… Peace out 😜

Hi! My name is Kaeley and I just joined the book community on social media. I’m from Seattle but have lived in various places since 2011. In addition to reading, I listen to music almost constantly and adore cartoons, more specifically Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.

I spend most of my reading life with fantasy, but fiction has always been my one true love. I read mostly YA, but the few NA I’ve read have been excellent. My personal blog is only a wee babe, but I’m still working on it! I started blogging to make new friends, so I’m excited to chat with all of you!

Hello to everyone who reads this blog! Recently, Sophia and the other bloggers here decided to search for a new coblogger. Several people applied for the position. While I didn't make it into the trial run, however I accepted a position as a guest blogger :)

So let me introduce myself.

My name is Jared, and that's all the name I'll give. I am from southern California and have been a bookworm and dedicated gamer for many years. I am not quite new to blogging (I had some blogs years ago but let them lapse). Hoping now I can try to dedicate myself to blogging more often with the help of the other bloggers here.

My favorite kinds of books to read are science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and several types of nonfiction, mostly history. Most of what I read is intended for an adult audience so most of my posts will be geared towards older teenagers and adults. Not all the games I play are, though. Tags in the posts will indicate the audience it's meant for, of course :)

I have quite a few hobbies in addition to the ones mentioned above. I am a sports freak and love baseball, ice hockey, and gymnastics. I also enjoy horseback riding and hiking.

Hope to meet some of you who read the blog!
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