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Monday, August 29, 2016

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Rocket League Review

Here's an idea, or rather two ideas. Soccer and race cars. Here's a crazy idea: race cars playing soccer. Seems impossible? Well, not for Rocket League.

Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based multiplayer-focused sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! Choose a variety of high-flying vehicles equipped with huge rocket boosters to score amazing aerial goals and pull-off incredible game-changing saves! (via Steam)

Now, as much as I like video games, I usually play a select handful that I can handle. I'm not one who buys 100 video games (nor do I have the money for that.) But I'm one of those kinds of people who just sticks to what they like, and Rocket League is within my top 5.

Rocket League was released in July 2015 and have platforms for PC and PS4 users. What I enjoy about a feature that they have, is that if you have Rocket League on your PC, you can connect your PS4 controller via Bluetooth and play.

Now, I'm sure I know what some of you are thinking, "Mari, I am terrible/have a strong dislike for PVP." Well, my dear reader, I am the same way. When it comes to PVP I either lose or get angry over losing. But with Rocket League, I don't get angry when I lose. Although it makes it seem like it's a competition (because sports), when you actually play it, it doesn't seem so much as a pressurized competition, you know? If you lose, you lose but it doesn't put that much against you, and the feel of winning is just so much fun.

Despite the fact that this game costs $20 on Steam (ayyy look a link), I definitely recommend this game for those who just want to have some fun. You can have fun by yourself or you can ask a group of friends to join you and you can all 4v4. I enjoy playing it. It's one of the best games I've ever played. So, 5 Owls to Rocket League!

This is my last post for the trial run. I would like to say that it has been a pleasure posting and just getting to experience this. I'd like to thank Sophia, Lupe, and Ella for having me and I'd like to thank Anelise and Kaeley for being awesome people! (Though, everybody here is awesome)
May the odds be ever in your favor!

*drops a Mari-like gif*
- Mari

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