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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Bookwyrming Thoughts Gets A New Coblogger!

Hello everyone!

Sophia here. Once upon a time, I started a blog and vowed to go solo (seriously, though. I'm the type of person who likes to work alone most of the time, but I enjoy working with a small group). Two years later, Ella and Lupe hopped aboard, and I couldn’t have asked for better cobloggers (bonus points to Lupe for being a fabulous friend in general).
And now another two years later….

For the past few months, Ella, Lupe, and I have been busy enough that it’s been pretty difficult keeping the blog active (it's really just been Lupe with Fangirl Friday and several late editions of Novel Newcomers - bless Nori for dealing with me and bless all the bloggers who got placed with me for their patience). As a result, sometime in mid-July, Bookwyrming Thoughts went on the hunt for its newest coblogger! We received quite a few responses, and it was extremely difficult to choose the three people who we thought would make a perfect fit (all of them would make a good fit, honestly).
Ultimately, we chose Mari, Anelise and Kaeley, who we took on a trial run with us throughout the month of August (and then some) - be sure to check out the posts each of them wrote throughout their experience!

(Please note that these posts aren't necessarily in order... Though we'll promise that the authors are correct.)

Now that the trial run is over, we are extremely excited to announce who we plan on permanently kidnapping as our newest member...
Please welcome Anelise! In case you missed it, Anelise formally introduced herself as a guest member back in August when the trial run first started.

Signing out and giving the mic (of the virtual sorts) over to Anelise,

Hi everybody! The trial run has (somewhat) recently ended and Sophia, Ella, and Lupe have picked who they’re permanently kidnapping. I was asked to continue so here I am! I am so excited and cannot wait to be a part of this blog and, well, yeah…!

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