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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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Novel Newcomers: Interviews with Ryan, Natasha, and Heather

Happy Tuesday!

I honestly thought I would actually be able to keep up my streak of actually posting on time for Novel Newcomers for a lot longer than it really happened - So much for that happening (I think my excuse this time is basically forgetting until I got home from work and well... no internet there.).

This week, please allow me to introduce Ryan from Ryan's Bookish Confessions, Natasha from A Binding Attraction and Heather from The Hermit Librarian!

Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?
Heather: I like to work with yarn, both knitting and crocheting though I am better at knitting. I’ve been knitting since I was seven years old, so I’ve had quite a lot of practice!

I also like to play video games. I am a big fan of rpgs. I used to play a lot of Final Fantasy on my PS2, but it’s been awhile. My 3DS gets a lot more of a work out since I can bring it with me to work and play on breaks. Some of my favorite games for that system are various Pokemon games (i.e. Pokemon Pearl or Black) and Final Fantasy Fables.

Natasha: I really enjoy quilting/sewing. I LOVE pub trivia, although I mostly settle for watching Jeopardy because none of the places around here do it regularly. I am also a big movie buff. As far as outdoor stuff, I love swimming, canoeing, softball, volleyball, archery, and playing bean bag toss games at bbqs.

Ryan: I enjoy playing volleyball and this year, I decided to start out playing it for the school and so far, I really enjoy taking it and to "push myself" so I can get better at it. I'm very good at math so if anyone is in need of help on a math problem, I'm your guy.

What is your most unusual accomplishment?
Heather: I wasn’t sure what to answer to this, so I turned to my husband and asked him. According to him, my personal collection of 3000+ books from a variety of genres is considered unusual. *lol* I never thought of it that way, but it’s not a bad way to be, I suppose. :)

Natasha: I worked at the Embassy in Conakry, Guinea and we helped with their first democratic presidential election.

Ryan: I weirdly felt accomplished this one time when I was in middle school and I had to participate in this 4 x 400 relay in my PE class and I was the last person to run for the team I was in. And when it was my turn to run, I ended catching up to another team who was at first at that time and when I passed by and finished the race, I felt like not only my team and I should be deserving the win but the fact that I really show how much I didn't gave up on trying even though it wasn't like it was a life-or-death situation or just somewhat important to me.

What is your favorite food?
Heather: My husband has this has recipe he makes that is the best and it’s never the same way twice (maybe recipe is a bit strong of a word). It has potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and cheese, plus whatever odds and ends we have around the kitchen: ketchup, bacon, etc. It’s easily customizable and the perfect comfort food.

Natasha: Can’t pick just one so I’ll say cheese (duh, it’s cheese), prime rib (savory and delicious), pizza (has all of the food groups), and mashed potatoes (best comfort food)

Ryan: I love Italian food so anything that is pasta, especially fettuccine or ravioli or spaghetti, would be great. I also like garlic bread, which I wasn't sure if it's Italian but since I seen them in restaurants that served Italian food.

2016 isn't over yet, but what are some of your favorite songs that have come out this year? Any artists or bands that haven't created new songs you wished did?
Heather: I listen to a lot of radio, so finding out the band or singer is a lot harder than you’d think! I really like the song “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace (it was recently in the movie Suicide Squad).

“The Arena” by Lindsey Stirling was a beautiful piece. I always want to hear more of her work. It has such emotion to it and the videos are beautiful. They are works of art themselves most of the time.

Natasha: I’m totally behind the times with music, but I really love Sugar by Maroon 5 and Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammar (even though they didn’t come out this year). I kind of stick to oldies because they’re goodies :)

Ryan: The recent album of Panic! At the Disco was so great! I really like most of the songs even though all of them were good. My favorites from that album is LA Devotee, House of Memories, and Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time.

If you had the chance to choose a superpower, what would you choose and why?
Heather: Invisibility would be one of my top picks for a superpower. I suffer from severe anxiety and while it’s usually kept under control, there are times when being able to disappear would help a great deal, especially if I happen to be out in public in a crowd.

I always thought that telekinesis would be awesome too, kind of like Matilda did. That would make getting things from high shelves much easier!

Natasha: I’d say read minds (it would be easier to identify criminals & help save lives) or fly (freedom). Even though it isn’t a superpower, I think it would be cool to have a photographic memory.

Ryan: The best superpower that I would have would be either time travel or flying because I want to have those new releases out or maybe so I can get to see you guys at book events that are at the other side of the country since I'm from California and they rarely have events close to where I live.

Sometimes those who are complete opposites of someone become good friends with that person. What are some fictional characters who are completely different from you yet you think you would totally get along with?
Heather: I like to think that I’d be able to get on well with Lila Bard from the Shade of Magic series. She’s the adventurous type, so outgoing and amazing, I could just let her take the reins and tag along for the journey at a safe distance.

Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses is another character that I hope I could learn something from. I think we’d get along alright as, though I haven’t read the entire book yet, I think I have more common sense than some of the people she’s run into so far!

Natasha: Hmmmm Celaena Sardothien, Tess Kendrick, and Mark Blackthorn. I’d like to think I’m a little like each one, but I think they’re much more hardcore and cultured than I am. I didn’t realize until after I chose them that they each live a double life in some way, so that was pretty interesting.

Ryan: The first thing I thought when I see this question would be Mia Corvere in Nevernight. It's weird to compare me with someone who's more malicious that I am, but the one thing that I see that is what I have is her tender-heartedness and determination.

Let's spread some blogger love! Name three bloggers you don't know who are participating in Novel Newcomers and give them a compliment.
Heather: Ardis from Pondering the Prose: I love your blog because it looks so professional! The graphics and gifs used are suited perfectly to their use and the text is of a good size. I don’t have great eyesight, so when a blog’s layout comes together so well it is a blessing!

Jess from Princessica of Books: your aesthetic is so pretty! Your reviews are awesome and our tastes run toward similar veins, so I can usually trust you on what to read next!

Amber from Only True Magic: your post about a blogging hiatus was inspiring and I want to say thank you! Your writing was eloquent and to the point. Thank you for writing about a subject that needs talking about from time to time.

Natasha:There are so many great new bloggers that I haven’t met yet! The Bookgasm Blog totally caught my attention. Trisha Ann is on a hiatus right now, but I love the layout of her blog. It makes it easy to find posts, so I’m more likely to read them. Faith’s Bookspiration is another new one for me. Her camera logo is adorable! I like the way she does her wrap ups and she interjects stuff from her daily life. I also checked out Blame it on the Books because that is something I find myself doing on occasion…dang bookfeels! MC does a great job of incorporating all kinds of posts and I really enjoyed the one for #readthemallathon.

Ryan: I have so many bloggers that I want to shout-out to for not just their awesome blog, but also them as a person. Claire from BlankSlaters is THE one bookish friend that I would want to hang out with if it weren't for living at different parts in California. She is awesome with blogging even though she's busying with stuff, mostly school, because who doesn't get stressed with school and blogging. Allison from A Bookish Alli has a great blog now that her blog has now changed and when I met her at YALLWEST, she was the sweetest bookish friend I've ever met. I also traded with her a bunch of times and I feel like she's more trusting. And to Xan from Twirling Pages. SHE IS THE MOST PERFECT BEING EVER!! Just look at her blog and her bookstagram and her BookTube and the fact she has the most aesthetically pleasing bedroom ever. Is there nothing she can't do?

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